Next month, the entire Yoruba movie industry will be moving to Ijebu-Ode to honour one of its own Lola Ajibola, a popular movie producer who has just completed her new house.images
She has been working round the clock for the past few weeks to open her new mansion this coming Ileya. For those who don’t know her, lets quickly tell you that Lola is one of the serious producers in the industry who has produced so many movies within her short career in the industry.
She is also planning to marry soon. She told a popular magazine in Nigeria that her decision to get married will slow down her involvement in the movie industry. “I am likely to slow down because I really want to have more time for my husband. I want to have a happy home. So, I am really planning to start producing alone. I no longer act. I no longer go to locations again. All I do now is to produce”.
When Lola Ajibola was asked to talk more about her marriage, she said, “my marriage is coming soon. I don’t want to mention date for now”.
She was asked about her new house. “Its Gods doing and it is marvelous in our sight”, she explained. “Its so big that I could not believe I could build something so big and massive like that. Atimes when I get there I always ask myself is this really my house? I thank God”.
She has lived all her life in Ijebu why did she not relocate to Lagos all these while? “Its because I am an Ijebu girl. I was born and bred in Ijebu. I spent all my life in Ijebu. I can’t stand the traffic in Lagos. I can’t cope with all the hustle and bustle. I have a house in Lagos in Ibeju Lekki but I can’t stand the traffic, that was why I decided to stay over in Ijebu. My husband lives in Lagos so I always go over to Ijebu from Lagos. These days I stay in Lagos more than Ijebu. I am relocating to Lagos soon to stay with my fiance”.
What gets her excited is when you talk to Lola about the movie industry where she plays big. She is a movie producer and she has produced many movies. Since 2010 when she dabbled into it. I produced my first job in 2011. Its called Omoba Debola from 2010 to now I have about 8 movies. They are Omoba Debola, Talopa Mummy, Onje Ale, Omo Ijebu, Ile Iku, Anifa and Morufa. This last one Anifa and Monifa is yet to come out. We are still working on it”.
What was the attraction that the movie industry had for her when she moved in 6 years ago? “I got into this industry through a friend of mine Dele Ogundeipe. I met him when I cam back from Dubai in 2010. And he came to my shop to buy something. He said my action is very real why don’t I join movie industry. When I was still working in Osu all my colleagues, my boss, they all said Lola, its better you start acting ooo, because from your character, your attitude you are supposed to be in the movie industry.
I once worked at Olabisi Onabanjo University Then, I was in the Library Department. I now asked that Uncle how much am I going to spend on the movie. He calculated the amount and I started the project. How did she start off? Was it as an Actor or Producer, “I started as a Producer, it was in 2011. The job is Omoba Ademola. It was a very big project. I am a Producer. I don’t always go to location unless I have a movie to produce. I am a business woman. I have a shop in Ijebu-Ode.”
How come she is in love with Ijebu? “Its because I was born and bred in Ijebu. I am from Ijebu-Igbo. I had my Primary School in Ijebu Igbo. I went to Abusi Edumare Academy for my Secondary School education. I now joined one of my aunties in Lagos and I learnt how to sell clothes. After spending some months with her, I had to go back to Ijebu to further my education. I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University. I studied Business Admin. Since then, I have continued to live in Ijebu and when those in the movie business come to Ijebu to act I always help them out. I am the No 1 person they will call.
I will then look for a good location for them”.
How many movies has she acted in? “A lot. Most of those I know in the movie industry always want me to act in their movies like Iya Ereko, Dayo Amusa (who is my best friend). Yinka Quadri will call me. Even abroad. I am planning to produce an English movie soon.

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