Princess Elizabeth Adetoyin Onanuga is a united kingdom based Yoruba actress who is currently among the new babes rocking the scene with fantastic flicks. The elegant looking actress whose movie, Hadiza made waves a few months ago when it was released and it featured Fathia Balogun,Tayo Sobola and Co is set to release yet two other sensational movies; She has featured in many Nollywood movies such as Omo London, Ibironke, Hadiza, Shoprite, Fate, Afoju feni, Omi, Agogo Boji, Abeke, Olowo Aye, Taxi driver and more.31 In an exclusive chat with, she opened up on her success story and sex life when she was asked.
According to her, “I have a few things I am working on presently which are promotional event management, a charity organization called Green Divas, releasing two movies soon Omo London and Ibironke and also working on a new movie. I got inspired by tribes around the globe and i wanted to do something involving that.


Producing a movie and not getting your money back instantly from the marketer or getting the right location and materials to use can be stressful. I produced Hadiza, Afoju Feni and my recent movies; Omo London and Ibironke are to be released soon. Omo London is about love, drama, educating people about life and certain lifestyles that can influence people negatively, also positively. Ibironke is about broken promises, resentment, bitterness and revenge”.

She further narrated that she is a type of woman who doesn’t believe in being promiscuous as an actress. “I don’t believe that and I don’t think so. I’m not like that. I don’t know why most people venture into acting but I can tell you my own reason.


It’s because I love entertainment. I could remember in 2005 when I went to a location with a friend, one of the directors came to me and asked if I want to act. I said No because I was scared of my dad then but I decided to later join because I think I can contribute my own part in it.


I’ve never slept with anyone in the industry and I will never do such. If I’m a pretty girl and I don’t have admirers, I think I should go and wash my head in a river (laugh). Whenever they make advances, I just tell them I’m engaged. I’m just friendly to them. The craziest things my admirers have ever done to me are sending their nude pictures. Whenever I see such, I just laugh it off. I’ve never sent mine back to them. The part of my body they love is my eyes. It melts them”.

Can you play a sex role for $1 million?
She said, “Forget about the money but as a good actress, you should be able to play any role. I’m a good actress. If you look at Hollywood, the best actress there plays any role. I can play sex role if there’s a lesson for the audience to learn from it. So far there’s a lesson, I can go nude to act the role”.
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