Home INTERVIEWS “Why Yoruba Movie Stars Patronize Bubu’s Wardrobe”- Busola Arobadi Explains
“Why Yoruba Movie Stars Patronize Bubu’s Wardrobe”- Busola Arobadi Explains

“Why Yoruba Movie Stars Patronize Bubu’s Wardrobe”- Busola Arobadi Explains

Busola Arobadi is a popular Lagos boutique owner who market attires to Top Yoruba movie stars especially men and Nigerian celebrities as a whole. IMG-20160428-WA0020She is the CEO of Bubu’s Wardrobe, a fashion house located at Adeniran Ogunsanya drive, Surulere Lagos. She is a native of Okitipupa Ondo State. The charming Busola is a graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where she studied English Language. Her initial plan was to become a journalist but everything was changed when she got admission into the university. IMG-20160428-WA0022Recently, Busola spoke to Yorubamoviegist.com how she started her fashion business a few years ago and how her boutique became most patronize fashion outfit in the industry. In her words, Busola narrated that, “I have been doing this fashion and style business for over 5-year now, although, I was initially into selling of female clothes but I stopped to focus on men sequel to the challenges with female because they will buy goods from you and to get your money becomes big problem which is kind of frustrating. I will have to keep chasing them, because at the beginning I didn’t have a shop so I had to do the mobile marketing. I was also doing few of male stuff at the same time, I am into the sale of Atiku, sandals etc. I want to say that I am fulfilled  to some extent, there are people I have never thought of meeting in my life and  through this business, I have met them and interact with them. I am not the type that wants to wake up in the morning and rush to work and this job has given me some kind of rest of mind. The industry is competitive no doubt but I would say my unique selling point is my quality fabrics; I don’t compromise quality for quantity. I want anyone who buys from me to always come back because if you appreciate quality you would understand what you are getting from Bubu’s wardrobe. When I meet anybody for the first time, your dress can leave a lasting impression on me, I love people who dress well and smell good. Our unique selling point has made us a force to reckon with especially in the movie industry and Nigerian society in general. We are not restricted to Lagos market alone, I have customers in other part of the country, some of them call me to get particular goods. And I make sure we satisfy them and meet up with their demands. The big boys, celebrities and others in Surulere, Lagos, Ogun State, Abuja and the rest gets good attires from us at Bubu’s Wardrobe. In my fashion house, we regard every customer as the same. We aim to satisfy everybody irrespective of your social status. So everybody that walks into our office is considered as a big customer and we treat them well”, she explained.


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