That Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN) has placed an indefinite ban on two leading actors, Kunle Afodunrin (AFOD) and Yewande Adekoya is no longer new.
The duo were indefinitely suspended from featuring in any movies to be released by its members henceforth over alleged unethical practices detrimental to the well-being and corporate existence of the Yoruba films marketers’ association last week Thursday.
With this ban, Yovifpman members, we learnt are directed not to sell any existing film that featured the actors within the next two months.
The members also unanimously resolved on the following:
That all members should not feature them in their movies again; They should not in any way be used on posters or any other films promotional materials; Any new films directed by them or that they feature in shall not be sold by any of YOVIFPMAN members; All members that currently have their films are directed to release the jobs within the next two months into the market, while adhering strictly to the second point of not in anyway showcasing them.
The Association stated that: “In the recent time, our role as a watchman in the industry became complex at the advent of technology enhanced medium of distribution on the internet and other media. We have watched with concern the level of lawlessness going on, on the internet and have waited till now to ascertain the quarters where the association should apply its usual control mechanism.
“We have also noted with dismay the emergence of stakeholders who we acknowledged as practitioners in the industry but are operating in areas where they are not assigned. Now all manners of people are taking the advantage of this technology enhance window of distribution to load all manner of films on the internet. This we have determined not to stand by and watch.”
Lamenting the adverse effect of piracy in the industry, the President of the Association, ALH ABDULRASAQ ABDULLAHI said the Association has done so much, without support from the Government to fight the scourge of the problem that is impoverishing both the marketers and distributors and the actors at large.
“Technology is another phase in our industry now. We are not going to fold our arms and let it be abused. Any of stakeholders that refused to follow the normal process of releasing Yoruba films into the market will be sanctioned by our Association.
He also said: “…We will continue to be on the lookout together with other relevant guilds and association for others who might also be involved in this shaddy practice as well as actors who partake in such productions and sanctioned them appropriately for the continued stability in the industry.  Our commitment to the Yoruba film industry remains unwavering as we continue to maintain a cordial relationship with all other associations and stakeholders in the industry”.

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