On Tuesday 8th September 2015, the father of pretty Yoruba actress, Jaye Kuti, Superior Evangelist Rufus Adisa Oluwale, who died at age 70 was buried in Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria. The late man of God died of Kidney problem and Diabetics at Dialyzer Hospital, Oshodi, Lagos on August 31st 2 years after suffering from the problem and he was buried immediately in Ikorodu, before the final burial took place 8 days after at Bayeku LOCAL GOVT PRIMARY SCHOOL, Ogbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos. However, Yorubamoviegist.com spoke to the pretty actress, Jaye Kuti who recounted the ordeal about her father’s death. Jaye’s dad hailed from Ayetoro Egbado, Iyewa North, Ogun State and he worked with Nitel Communication as a senior store keeper for 30 years before he became born again. He married 3 wives who are celestial church of Christ worshipers with 14 children but the pretty actress, Jaye is the first child. He was an evangelical actor and comedian in his life time. Enjoy the excerpts: ja
How did your dad died?
He was actually sick for a while, for about 2 years he had been battling kidney problem and we kept on taking care of him before he gave up the ghost. We did our best but God knows the best. He was also diabetic. He was managing the diabetics but when the kidney problem set in, we found out it wasn’t something we can handle or control like diabetics, we have always been placing him on treatment at Oshodi Dialysis Hospital and we did everything on our path to keep him alive but it’s rather unfortunate. I kept praying that rather than be in pain because that disease can be very painful but I thank God that he was okay before he died.


How many year did it take the family to detect his sickness?
It started with diabetic 4 years ago before we discovered that he had Renner failure. The diabetics really contributed to it because once you are a victim it will trigger out so many diseases in your system.


There are lots of people who had kidney problem and after surgery they will be okay, why didn’t he involve in surgery?
His situation wasn’t up to the stage of doing transplant and the doctor advised that with treatment that he will be fine but he eventually bowed out.


Where were you when he died?
I was with him for 3 days before he died. That was when he was cracking jokes, talking about past events but I didn’t know that he was actually telling me goodbye. There was one thing he said in Yoruba “Tiekubalo fun ojo to pe, Ayo nbo lowuro”, he said I should fear not because joy comes in the morning after series of weeps over the night. I was even telling him that dad we still have more than 200 thousand bill to pay , so let the joy that is coming in morning come with money and he was laughing, saying don’t worry you will pay it, I am feeling better now. I wasn’t there when he died but I would have felt so bad like I was when I got the news. I was at a movie location and it was so painful.jay
How far about the over 200k hospital bill now?
We paid #280,000 naira before we carried his body. I was already looking for money to sort out the bill before he died and when he died, I got money here and there to pay the bill. And I was able to carry his remains.


Why did you keep all the news about the state of his health to yourself rather than sharing it with the public like your colleagues in the industry do?
I didn’t keep it to myself; virtually everyone in the industry was aware. The state of his health wasn’t critical like that to an extent of seeking help from the public.


He was buried immediately after he died, why?
He was the one who said he doesn’t want injection or to be embalmed in the mortuary. He told me that whatever I have with me on the 8 days, I should bury him with it. So when he died I told the doctor not to embalm his corpse and I buried him the following day. He had already informed everybody in the family about this and we did the final burial on the 8 days.


Can you share with us some of the moment you have spent with him that you can’t forget?
I can’t forget those days when he used to tell us how he gave birth to us and how we grew up. He will share the stories of our mums because he married 3 wives and he was making fun of everybody. My dad used to abuse me that I shout a lot in movie and I curse people like his grand mum whenever I am acting and all of that.


Is it true that he was an actor?
Yes! He was an actor and a comedian in church but he never appeared on screen. We were all born in the north when he was working with Nitel and he started the work of the Lord before he retired to become a shepherd. He was born a Muslim but got converted when he married my mum as a Christian. He became a shepherd about 25 years ago. He was a very funny person.


What are you missing about him now?
His comic act, he was a comedian full of hilarious statements. We are going to miss him as a father and his prayers. He took care of us but I was the one who chose to become an actor. I have a brother who is a director, he is Oluwole Samson, another sister of mine is a make-up artiste and we are all trading in the entertainment industry, we are from the same father, same mother.

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