Star actor,Yomi Gold Alore has finally opened up on many people’s belelieve that he is a womanizer who doesn’t joke with anything under skirt.Yomi-3-576x1024 He said the lover boy roles he usually play may be hold responsible for the unconfirmed rumours making rounds about him. When he was asked in a recent interview on what he will say about the fact that people see him as a
womaniser, he said, “I hear a lot of people saying that because I do a lot of
romantic movies, and I do tell producers that they should
not consider me as a romantic actor alone, I can do a lot of
things, which I have started doing, I have been doing a lot of
characters in my recent movies, it is not just about been a
romantic actor, because now people want to tag me with a
lot of things because of the roles I play, but to me, it is not a
big deal, anyone can say what they like, I am an actor, you
can say it behind my back, you can say it to my face, but as
a public figure I just have to handle things diplomatically.

Yomi outside the movie world is an entrepreneur, he is a
business person, recently I just floated my new business, it
is a distribution company, it is a project to help stop piracy,
we don’t want people to buy movies on the street anymore,
because most of the movies are pirated copies, so I started
this neighbourhood distribution which you can come across
any store in your area, so when Yomi is not acting, he is into
business, aside that, I travel a lot to see my wife and kid
outside Nigeria”.

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