On Monday 26th October 2015, Nominees for the Best of Nollywood Awards 2015 were announced at an unveiling ceremony which took place in Akure Dome, a new event center which is under construction, in the Ondo State capital. The award ceremony comes up on the 12th of December, at the International Conference Centre, Akure. Governor Olusegun Mimiko, who was visibly excited to host the event spoke to spoke to journalists on why he is interested in hosting the award ceremony. Yorubamoviegist.com was at the event: Excerpts.Gov-Mimiko


Why do you want to host Best of Nollywood in Akure?

There are lots of creative energy in Nollywood and in the last 20 years or so, the industry has contributed so much to the home growth of the country. Apart from the fact that Nollywood has actually brought out something good about Nigeria, the reality of situation today is that Nollywood plays vital role in our economy, directly or indirectly Nollywood employs 1 million Nigerians. Perhaps the second aspect is agriculture but to sum it up I think Nollywood should be celebrated. Again, we built an event center and I think Nollywood is the best to advertise it because they are the people who are engaged in the public most of the time and I know that they can help us brand this event center. I want to say we are very happy to host the 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards.
How accessible is the use of properties in Ondo State as movie locations for Nollywood?
Like I said earlier, if an industry could be very important branding our nation, contributing into our economy especially engagement of young ones, these are the biggest challenges we have in our country, so why shouldn’t we open our doors for such industry, for us in Ondo, every location is available.
Will the event center be completed before the date of the event because we can see that the place is still under construction?
The event ceremony is dated December 12, and December 14 or so, we are hosting Nigerian Society of Engineers, so this place will be completed before the dates.

What is your driving force for arts and culture?
I believe that arts and culture are powerful tools to define a people and like said, arts and cultures you have a very laborer canvass, you could use culture, you could use contemporary event, you can use the best and the bad in society to project the society. Arts and culture are very powerful tools and I believe that looking at Nigeria, the totality of our development, we must pay total attention to our arts and culture. You know generally it is the dominant economy globally that also tend to demean culture globally and unless there is a deliberate attempt to ensure that the culture is not totally consumed by the culture of dominant economy power. You just find out that your culture in terms of language, attitude, and value system will just disappear. But Nollywood in the arts and culture are very powerful tools. It reminds us of where we are coming from despite the challenges of today, it’s also tells us where we are going to. I don’t have a specific favorite Nollywood actor; I know they are all doing well.

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