Tajudeen Agbede is a name that will ring a bell to everyone in Nigeria especially in Lagos social scene. He is the boss of the National Union of Road and Transport Workers in Nigeria and also a popular socialite and he is the Lagos state chairman for the union. This cool headed man is popular but not many people know that one of his beautiful daughters is a filmmaker; her name is Habibat Farri Agbede. She got into the movie industry 3 years ago and she has been doing well for herself.IMG_20150901_040713

This sexy, young lady, studied sociology at Covenant University and will be getting a master’s degree in production or cinematography anytime soon. In a chat with yorubamoviegist.com, the sexy actress shared with us what made her go into movie productions.

She said, “I started with Afin Asa Film Academy 3 years ago, we used to do short films for campaigns. I started working with Aroba Group which is headed by Dotun Taylor. I’m on my own now, trying to make a name for myself under “Farri Concepts”.
Actually, acting has always been a passion of mine but I am not really going into it, I want to be a film maker like my mentor, Kunle Afolayan. The acting is just a way to put the face and name out there before I get my certificate from New York film Academy.
When I start then, I won’t just be like a newbie, I’ll have experience. I’m going to be diverse, I’ll do more of Yoruba movies because the Yoruba’s watch movies more but I’m still going to dive into English movies because if I want to express myself, It won’t be to the Yoruba people alone. So it’s not just Yoruba movies, I’ll do all kinds of movies, soon enough. I love African culture that is why I had to choose a name that is not so common but is cultural and will depict how I think an African woman should be.

Actually “Farri” is a friends name and I happen to like it and the meaning, I started using it. So far, so good, the name has been a good thing to reckon with because it has produced Farri Concepts and the movie Farri.

Why I delved into movie production is that, it took a while before I got admission into the University because I had to wait a year when I went to do my ICAN. When I got my admission into covenant University, it was banking and finance, I had to change it to a course close to something I’ll love to do which was sociology, I had to jump at it because that was the only option available, if not I’ll have waited another year.

Sociology has a branch that has to do with film making, it’s called cinematography, it’s great, and they have connections, being a film maker is about expressing yourself to people, sending a message to people and sociology too is about dealing with people. I’m going to do a master in film making or cinematography or I’ll just go to New York film Academy, either ways, a film degree is still going to come in”.

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