Sexy actress, Memunat Yinusa popularly known as Mimiano has opened up on common things a man can do to her that will forcefully make her fall in love with him. miThe mother of one who became an actress to reckon with in 2013 when she held a big 3-in-1 party in Lagos said this in a previous interview she granted where she was asked on how she cope with male fans. According to her,” Of course male fans and admirers will check on you if you are gorgeous and endowed with good shape, but how many do you want to keep at a go?mim I am okay with my man. What’s more important to me right now is my career which I am thanking God for standing behind me always. If you must marry me, the crucial things you do is that you must be respective. He should respect my own kind of person, and first and foremost, he should be very indulgent and reciprocal to my wishes in the relationship. Those things are the most important things for me. Also, I hate lies, but I don’t really think that African men can do without lies. But if you respect a woman, even when you lie, you’ll lie to her respectfully”.

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