Budding actress, Funmi Awelewa has finally opened up to Yorubamoviegist.com that no man rented an apartment for her in Ibadan, and also spoke on how she got a car gift from a secret admirer a day before Valentine’s Day. On February 13th 2016, the Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria-based actress, model cum fashion designer was in the news when a car gift was presented to her by a secret admirer whom we are yet to confirm his identity. Then, a lot of rumours started flying around in the industry about the new ride, while she was also rumoured that her abode in Ibadan was rented for her by the same person. However, Yorubamoviegist.com spoke to the gorgeously looking damsel, and she never hesitated to reveal to us the real story. funm
According to her, “I am so happy about the car gift; I never expected it though but all thanks to God. Only God made it possible. I have heard a lot like you mentioned but you know people could be so funny and say whatever they did not know about you. The car wasn’t from a man friend as they put it but it was from a secret admirer. If I got it from a man friend, where would I tell my boyfriend that the car came from? Back to what I said earlier, people can be so funny and they say whatever they like or think about you. I am not surprised though, when people don’t know anything about you they just cook up a story. Anyways, no man rented an apartment for me. I have been living fine and comfortable even before I got my car”.awe
When we further asked her about what she did to deserve the car, Awelewa narrated that, “That’s a big question. Funny enough, I don’t know because that was the same question I asked myself when the car key was presented to me. People should know that I will have a man in my life and they shouldn’t expect me to disclose him in the public. I am a private person. I love my privacy”.

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