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Unveiling YORUBA Actors Who Share Same Look •They Are ODUNLADE, LATEEF, KELVIN & JOHN

Unveiling YORUBA Actors Who Share Same Look •They Are ODUNLADE, LATEEF, KELVIN & JOHN

A popular Yoruba adage goes, human are created in pairs, and that best illustrates the physical semblance of these top Yoruba actors who share same look but are not in any way related. lateefadHowever, there are several people like this in the industry whom many of the fans thought are related.  Focus is on the men among them who are Odunlade Adekola, Lateef Adedimeji, Kelvin Ikeduba and John Odika. Setting eyes on  these set of guys, one will automatically be confused because the semblance are striking. Over the years, several questions have been asked about the identity/relationship between star actor, Odunlade Adekola and Lateef Adedimeji which generated controversy years back. In an interview, Lateef said “I don’t even know who Odunlade Adekola was until 2006 when we were shooting a movie titled AFUWAPE, we went for the auditioning in Ijebu Ode as a student and I was cast to play the lead role alongside uncle Peter Fatomilola, Ogun Majeek, and the rest of them. So Uncle Peter called my attention that “do you know who they call Odun”, I was not even a fan of Yoruba movie then because I was primarily trained on stage, and my whole life is stage, dance and all of that. kelvin ikeduba biographyHe was like, you two look alike and recommended few movies for me to go and watch so that I can see him, I was amazed and he called Odun on phone that night letting him know that he met someone that just look exactly like him, he later gave me the phone to talk to him and he was like, “hello, they said we look like, ok, we will see one of this days”. So, I met him 3 years after in a location and we exchanged pleasantries.
Later, I started hearing that I’m his brother, No, we are not family, it’s just God doing his unquestionable work, creating two different people with same look and still putting them in the same movie industry”.

john Odika'spix In a movie titled omo awikoko
john Odika’spix In a movie titled omo awikoko

If you must know, Odun is from Ekiti while Lateef  hails from Abeokuta. Another set of actors who so much look alike but not related in the Yoruba movie industry is crossover actor, Kelvin Ikeduba and John Odika, a brother to Oyo State TAMPPAN governor, Rose Odika. Ikeduba, a graduate of Economics from the University of Benin, was born in Delta State. He started acting in the year 2000 and made his first movie appearance in 1999 in a movie titled “Suitor”. John Odika is also from Delta State but information getting to us revealed that he is not in anyway related to Kelvin Ikeduba. Apart from the fact that they both usually play the character of a bad boy in movies, their resemblance is comparable. They both share the same physique and facial outlook.


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