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“Though, I Studied Music In School But My Dad Stopped Me From Singing”-Dayo Kujore’s Daughter, Ayinke Bears It All

“Though, I Studied Music In School But My Dad Stopped Me From Singing”-Dayo Kujore’s Daughter, Ayinke Bears It All




She is Ayinke Dayo Kujore by name but people call her “Small But Mighty”. She is a presenter on Orisun TV. She is one of the daughters of popular Juju Musician, Dayo Kujore. Ayinke was born in October 1st by the 3rd wife of the musician. Education for her started from Starfied Kiddies College, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos. Her secondary school education was at Brainfield College before she later proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University to study music. Recently, www.yorubamoviegist.com’s contributing editor, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO had an exclusive interview with her, and she revealed to us why she studied music at the University, why her father stopped her from being a musician despite the fact that he is a big player in that sector, how she got into broadcast industry a few years ago, her love life, among other interesting issues you can’t afford to miss about her. Enjoy it:

How did you get into broadcast industry?                       

It all started in 2013 when uncle Bimbo Ogunsanya, a movie producer cum director called to inform me about presenting on TV station, Orisun TV to be precise. He said the station is on star times. I gave it a trial, I was given a show called Miliki Express to handle which I thank God for the stage the show has gotten to. I am still with the station doing well especially with the new programme I am anchoring with my Co-presenter, Olori Kemi Iyanda. The programme is called Owambe Extra.

How has the journey been in the last 5 years you joined?                       

The experience of being a presenter has been awesome and I must say that I have learnt to be confident and diligent at what I do. So all in all, I would say it has been a fun filled and educating experience, I bless God.

How about the challenges in it?                        

It’s extremely competitive, especially in the field in general. There are many talents looking for an opportunity as a presenter. A good presenter must be able to develop his/her way of presenting so as to communicate excellently with his/her audience

Why did you study music in school?        

That’s because I love music, coupled with the fact that I was born into it. Of course, the question has an automatic answer because you know I was born into it. My father is a popular musician in Nigeria who many young musicians today especially in the Juju music industry look up to as their role model. Apart from the fact that I was born into it, I am the type who love singing right from my childhood and when I gained admission into the University, I picked music as a course to study. Though, my father didn’t know about that. I chose another course initially but when I got to school, I changed it.                

Why are you now working in the media rather than being a musician?

It was my dad. What do I mean? My dad insists that I must not do music despite the fact that he is a musician and I don’t want to disobey him.


Well, he wanted me to focus on my studies, so that I will not get distracted because music requires a lot of concentrations and sacrifices which might affect my studies. I reasoned with him, the rest are now history as the saying goes.                    

Definitely there must be a reason behind that; can you tell us more about that if you have an idea?  

It is his job, he has been on this planet earth even before I was born and he has been singing for so long, so he knows the best for me. Though, I doubt if he will stop me from being a musician if I were a boy.

Now that you have made waves in the media industry, do we see you going to studio for your single or album?              

That is if it is God wish. In life, anything can happen. So, I don’t know what future has for me.

….and what’s your dad’s reaction now that you are making him proud in the media 

He is very happy about me now, in fact very proud of me. That is why I try as much as possible to represent the brand, KUJORE positively in everything I do.

From the way you are talking, it seems that your dad is very strict, how can you describe him?   

Haaa….  My dad is strict but he is very caring.  A lot of people believe that his job as a musician will affect the way he cares for us, but that’s not true. He cares very deeply about us and always making sure he disciplines us if needed. In fact, my dad still frowns and screams at any man he sees with me (laughing). I dare not stand outside talking to a man when my dad is coming, I will disappear immediately I spot him from afar.

We have been talking about your dad since, how about your mum?   

My mum is fine. She is playing her role in my life as a good and caring mum. Always supporting, advising and scold me when necessary.

How many wives and kids of your dad do you know?

I dont like to discuss my family matters in public but all I can say is we know one another and we love ourselves. Dayo Kujore is in best position to answer this question because he knows it all.

As a celebrity’s daughter and a popular TV presenter, how do you cope with male fans?

My male fans are part of my craft, so I will always have them in my life. I try as much as possible to listen to their critics, opinions, praises, prayers; I work on them and use them to be better at my craft. And if they want more (you know what I mean) I let them down gracefully.

Why are you still single?

Am I too old to be single? I guess not. I’m waiting for my better half, my other rib and the love of my life.

…. And who could that be?                       

My boyfriend is my dad, mum, siblings and my fans.

When are we seeing you walking down the aisle?                   

Any time God says.


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