Popular Yoruba actress, Ololade Sodeeq has opened up to us that despite being an actress, she takes her job as a female continuity the best as she makes a whole lot of money from it. DSC_0000010Ololade joined acting a couple of years ago, 15 years to be precise after she developed the interest in the year 2000 and she met with a renowned filmmaker, Segun Toyobo who introduced her to another man called Abass Gbadebo who taught her the nitty gritty of the profession. She was offered a role to play in a movie titled “Gudugbe Oro” which she played excellently.  Before then, she was well known in Lagos as a major distributor of groundnut oil. Speaking to Yorubamoviegist.com about her career, she said,” “I derive so much joy in acting especially when we are at movie locations and I thank God that I am not just doing it for fun sake; I get paid for every role I play. Sometimes before I leave my house, I negotiate with the producer; people don’t call me for free job. Apart from acting, I also work behind the camera as continuity and this doesn’t make me go broke. Initially, I thought I was the first female continuity because hardly you see women doing that, it is very stressful and if you don’t have the mind, you can’t do it.

As time goes on, I saw some other women doing it as well. About 8 years ago, I wanted to dump acting for continuity because of the peanut I earned from it especially when you are yet to become a star, but each time I go for continuity, I get paid well than acting. With time when people were seeing the ability in me, they call me more for acting. I still prefer my acting though because I am showcasing my talent, if not I won’t hesitate to dump acting for continuity. The journey hasn’t been rosy, at a point, I wanted to leave the industry but due to the fact that I wasn’t force to join the industry, I kept moving on and thank God for my dad who always encourage me. Today, I am a boss of myself and I have produced movies. I have one that I just produced and it is titled May 29. I want to launch it by December 18 at ST Sanyaolu Hotel, Dalemo area of Sango, Ogun State. We are also giving out Awards to the people who have supported my career including my father”.

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