Eniola Adeyemi popularly known as E Tizzle is one of the owners of Club 52 located inside Quarry Imperial Hotel, Quarry Road Area of Abeokuta, Ogun state. He co-owned the club with his partner named Tolu Sorinola, and the duo have been friends since childhood. Last week a force rumour flied online that Club 52 and Quarry Imperial Hotel have been the hideouts for kidnappers and criminals in town. However, Yorubamoviegist.com’s corresponded in Abeokuta had an exclusive interview with Eniola who opened up on the allegation among other things. Excerpts:
How is club bussiness in Abeokuta since that more and more night clubs are springing up?
 Well, I must say that it’s a good thing for the town and also for the bussiness too, it doesn’t affect the patronage of Club 52 at all because we have what makes us unique. At the same time, i am happy that we are able to make a change in the night life in Abeokuta. When we came, it was just a small club down the hotel but when we moved up to a bigger and cozier space upstairs we have experienced more than expected and because of this other clubs in town have stepped up their games also, I like competition because it makes me wants to do more and upgrade the club. I have people from popular clubs in Lagos who wants to come to Abeokuta and open thier clubs, we brainstorm too , at least when 52 is filled up people can move to other clubs and everyone is happy.
 There is a rumour in town that Club 52 and Quarry Imperial Hotel are the new hideout for kidnappers and criminals in town, what is your take on this?
 I won’t say i am suprised about this rumour because I have also read it on just a blog , and I have had people calling me even from every where and customers too,  but it comes with the bussiness especially when there is a competition in the market. The club and the hotel still runs their businesses as usual, it has not been shot down and I have to say this, we have more than enough law enforcement officials working with us day and night so if a criminal is sited, he or she will be arrested immediately, we  opens for bussiness, we welcome patronage but everyone knows not just any body is welcome in the vicinity.
According to a report online , it was written that the club and hotel had been  placed under investigation as a matter of fact that you were invited for questioning at the police station. Can you shed light on this?
First and foremost, we have to disregard the lies the enemies of the brand “quarry imperial and club 52” are spreading. there is no iota of truth regarding the hotel being placed under investigation. If this was true, the hotel premises would probably be locked up by now because a kidnap case is not a playing case, then more importantly the kidnap of a former Minister of the Federation. So, whatever the detractors are saying is just a typical lie. The Management of the hotel and the club 52 have a very cordial relationship with the various law enforcement offices in the state to the extent that police oofficers even have their stand at the hotel premises, and we have OP MESA on ground whenever the club has any activity.  
Club 52 had been the busiest night spot in Abeokuta, i was called by a friend who is also an officer in the police force to check out some pictures if i  recognised any similar face in the night club. And i obliged his call since the club wasn’t into any illegal activity. i went over to see him to see if i  recognise any familiar face and then at the end, i didn’t even recognise any of these said persons. So I’m sure these are the kind of news the evil doers twist to bring down the image of the club and the hotel. 
 I will like to restate our commitment in putting security first on our priority thus we will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our hotel guests and the club patrons. infact, the Ogun state Police PRO is aware of the situation on ground.
So what are you going to do about this development? 
we will make sure we contact the right agencies for the needful to be done, like i stated earlier, the Ogun state police PRO is being carried along on this matter and we have our lawyers taking this matter up because this is pure defamation of character. More importantly, i will like to tell the customers to debunk the rumours and nothing has changed. we are still open for business 24/7 and we make customers’ safety a priority and we have also informed the EFCC about the situation on ground, thank you.

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