Sometimes, we need to be vigilant about of health conditions before engaging ourselves in some certain activities especially during Ramadan. There is no crime in overlooking some pardonable activities but a big sin when you lose your life in the process. FB_IMG_1466337434703And that is exactly what we are talking about right now.



Shortly after the news of the sudden death of star actor, Lateef Titilope aka Alfa Lati broke, a lot of questions were raised about the cause of his premature exit.


Then, was able to gather that he died of stomachache after returning from hospital.



The latest information reaching about the real cause of his death now, has claimed that he died of ulcer. He is said to be an ulcer patient, who should separate himself from fasting but being a chronic Muslim, the actor we were told was fasting before he met his Waterloo on Saturday evening.



He was buried following morning in Oyo town, Oyo State, Nigeria according to Islamic rite at his family house. however advise our brothers and sisters in Islam, especially those whi are facing one or two health challenges to please look into this before they fast. May His Soul Rest in Peace. Amen!

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