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Star Actress, TOYIN AIMAKHU Changes Her Lifestyle

Star Actress, TOYIN AIMAKHU Changes Her Lifestyle


Toyin Abraham  is a popular award-wining actress,producer and director. She came into the movie industry in 2003. The star actress, who features mostly in Yoruba movies is among the most controversial and famous players in Nigeria. Lately, however, she has really stepped up her game. Now,  she  attracts more movie roles even outside the Yoruba genre from where she started.  She has produced and directed many movies .

Evidence of her growing status is telling. Apart from being talented and good at what she does , she has proven to her fans that she has all it takes to put reality in any role she is given to play.

  When her movie, Alakada, came out , everyone thought they have seen it all as she came out in a new dimension with a comedy script that passes message especially to the female youths in the society.  Alakada Reloaded came out to be a block bluster with a well-scripted story line and A list actors on the cast. Despite that the movie is still enjoying a lot of views in cinemas,  the sultry actress wowed her fans after its premiere by organising a meet and greet forum in every city the Alakada is being screened at the cinema to connect well with her fans.

  People close to Toyin disclosed that everything about her  has changed. From her new style of dressing, make up and even how she relates with people . During an interview with TV Continental  not so long ago, she opened up on the challenges she has faced in the previous years and how they almost affected her life and her career , but she picked up herself and became the strong woman anyone would want to be, not only that, she became focused and took her career as her first priority, which earned her more respect and many roles in the english movie industry.

  Recall that the actress had a failed marriage to Adeniyi Johnson and became addicted to alcohol  afterwards. Also in the interview  she talked about her emotional health situations, past mistakes and career. Asked why she had changed so much within the last few months, Toyin said she had to work on herself, quit her drug habit and redefine her relationship with other people.

  The actress admitted that, having suffered much bad publicity in the past, she had to search for a solution to her problems by looking inwards. The search led to the discovery that she loathed herself. “At a point, I realised that I didn’t love myself enough and I wanted the people around me to love me. Also, I found that all the while I chose to please other people before pleasing myself. And I was focusing on the things that did not matter,” she said.

  Toyin said that she never planned to have a broken home. She confessed that after her marriage to Johnson broke up, she found herself slipping into depression. “I was emotionally carried away and could not wait to recover completely from the breakup before jumping into another relationship. I wanted to be healed and I thought that going into another relationship would help,” she said

   But the actress refused to blame her ex-man or anybody else for the breakup. “It takes two to tango. My ex-husband has his faults and I have mine. I think we both brought our negative sides into the marriage and that was why it just didn’t work,” she argued.

  Toyin also admitted when she spoke with PUNCH that, drug addiction had a devastating effect on her life and negatively influenced her actions so much that she lost touch with the things that worked for her. “These things were fueling my negative energy. Even when I did something bad, it always ended up yielding negative results.”

   Toyin during the show on TVC did not hide her excitement over her newly released film  ‘Alakada Reloaded’ which had a ground-breaking cinema debut a few months ago as the hilarious comedy sold out in key cinemas across the country. The film grossed an unprecedented N25million in its first 3 days at the cinema,  The excited actress took to her Instagram page to thank her fans for the success.

The movie, which featured the likes of Toyin Abraham, herself, Adekola Odunlade, Lilian Esoro, Annie Idibia, Ali Baba, Kehinde Bankole, Woli Arole, Nedu (OAP), Helen Paul, Bidemi Kosoko, Liz Da Silva, Gabriel Afolayan, among others, is a hot cake in major cinemas in the country.

   Her instagram page is also another thing to look up to each day as she posts motivational quotes with beautiful photographs. There was a time she was attacked by a fan for wearing a dress that was too reavealing , but she explained to the fan she only wore the dress for a photo shot that she cant step out with such a clothe. This really shows the big girl in her and that she is a changed and  responsible woman.

  Toyin was born on September 5, 1984 in Auchi, a town in Edo State in southern Nigeria. She spent her early life in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.  She obtained a Higher National Diploma certificate in marketing from Ibadan polytechnic. She began acting in 2003, when Bukky Wright, a Nigerian film actress, visited Ibadan to shoot a movie. Over the years, she has produced, directed and featured in several Nigerian films, such as Alakada, Alani Baba Labake and Ebimi ni to mention but a few.

On the issue of changing her Surname, according to her, she felt  reluctant dropping her popular name, but had to cede to the choice of her family.

Toyin said on her new YouTube Channel , ‘It’s a family decision, my dad’s name is Abraham and my forefather’s name is Aimakhu. It’s a family issue, it’s a family thing, it’s a family decision which I don’t want to discuss.’ She added: ‘They’ve actually asked me to change it like two three years ago, I told them my brand, but now they insisted.’

Her fashion and style are also upgraded as she steps out at functions always looking flawless with a perfect dress , make up and accessories.



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