With the look of things, it seems that the marriage between star actor, Abiodun Afeez Owo and Mide Funmi Martins has once again hit the rock if Yorubamoviegist.com’s observation is anything to go by. Based on our observation, we are not sure if the marriage is still intact. 3 days ago, precisely April 12 2016 was Mide’s birthday and there was no sign of congratulatory messages coming to her from her husband on social media throughout the day. adHowever, the following day was her husband, Afeez Abiodun Owo’s birthday and Mide also obstinately ignored him. Rather than celebrating Owo on social media, she was busy celebrating herself with her lovely birthday pictures and wishes she got from people which made many of their fans guess that the marriage is in a bad condition. Recall that in 2013, the marriage was reported to have packed up on an alleged infidelity accusation by Afeez. The actor was always being suspicious of his wife’s movement, and whenever he confronted her, her responses were not pleasing to his ear. He decided he could not handle her ‘infidelity’ anymore and separated from the actress, despite pleas from friends and family. After a while, they both denied it.

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  1. To my point of view the two lovely couples might decide not to make a noisy to fans, does not mean there’s a clash between both ooo. Mide mi, ore dada. Please look back & think deep dawn of your heart don’t let’s anyone push you out from your home you built lati ileepe waa…. make your marriage to be proud, strong to people, fans, family. Friends. Ee wo aarikose big daddy & mummy olu Jacobs, zark-ojie, wo inu Ile totijade waa. All men are d same just little different ni. Kan-kan ni ooo. Love you so so much! Don’t allow devil to scatter or hit your marriage again to rock. Imo ota konijoo ninu Ile yin ooo. Ase edumare. Peace Shall reign!

  2. modupe oduntan April 15, 2016

    omokeye, you are a good friend to Mide Funmi Martins and l wish she listen to your advice because all men are the same. Yes, we are in it for late thirty years now and l can bet it that no perfect human being in us, we all learn everyday. My dear Mide for God’s sake just endeavour more because of the children, because they were your future and Afeez Abiodun as a man you just have to overlook many things because we women always wants to proof we are right and God made us to be your assistant, for the sake of those children both of you should please reconcile your differences, please.

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