Star actress cum politician, Funke Adesiyan has blasted the government of President Mohammad Buhari over the invasion of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC in the Lagos houses of Nigeria’s Immediate-past minister of state for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro yesterday, 14th June 2016.


The actress, who is a member of PDP in Ibadan, Oyo State reacted to the invasion In a post on her social media handle  a while ago.

Funke condemned the invasion in strong terms, saying that President Buhari is destroying the values of rule of law in Nigeria.

According to her, “A dangerous trend is brewing. This regime’s nonsensical approach at crushing the opposition is a dangerous foundation of behavioural pattern.Obanikoro-BellaNaija

The EFCC has lost all its objectives and have been reduced to political witch-hunting tool or what else can one call this “raid” of the Obanikoros? Has the EFCC ever invited Amb. Obanikoro formally? Can the EFCC show the world the warrant it had to search the houses?

A 2yr old child was crying frantically in the house as the operatives carried guns and violently pushed occupants who were mostly women.


How do we expect to grow as a nation when we don’t even respect the law? We are better than this as a nation. Let’s put partisan politics aside for awhile and look at these issues as a patriotic Nigerian. President Buhari is destroying the values of rule of law that this country was built upon.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in support of looters but if truly you have anything against anyone, try them fairly in a court of law (not the kangaroo court that is trying FFK).


This government’s claim at “fighting corruption” is becoming more laughable as each day goes by. Let’s save our DEMOCRACY and say NO to DICTATORSHIP. Good morning Nigerians. Funke Adesiyan”, she wrote.

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    GoveMMENT? Waow

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