If you are very conversant with the happening things in the Yoruba genre of the movie industry, you would have noticed that star actor, Yomi Fash Lanso hasn’t been featuring in movies as before. The development has made some of his fans to believe that  he has finally quit the profession.images On this note, Yoruba Movie Gist recently spoke with him on what he has up his sleeves.
He said, “You are right that I am not featuring in movies as before, this is owing to the latest project I have on my  hands. The  project requires total concentration and you must be doing something about it at all time. You have to attend to mails and as the chief coordinator, it is not an easy task. I need to know the foremost actors in Kenya, Zimbabwe, the Gambia, Ghana. To know these people isn’t easy, you have to be up and doing but I know that very soon I will come back fully into makw-belief scene because it is my first passion and I won’t let it go just like that.
To God be the glory because when you have an idea and you don’t create time to pursue it and make it manifest, it will definitely disturb you. So, I had to take time off a little bit from acting so I can really focus on ànd develop the idea. To God be the glory we had the maiden edition last year 2015, and what I am talking about is Afro-Heritage Broadcaster Entertainment Awards, we coined it as Afro-Heritage.
What we try to do is to honour and celebrate Nigerians and Africans who have really contributed to the development of the entertainment industry in Africa particularly in Nigeria and showcase them to the world.
At the same time, we want to correct the insinuation that nothing good comes from Africa. Via our little research, what we discovered was that most of our children schooling abroad are being tutored not to believe in their country of origin because nothing good comes out of Africa. If you asked this kids about their role models, they will be pointing at foreigners because their teachers don’t allow them to know that back home, there are many who are doing well in their chosen careers.
We are using this platform to project our heroes and our stars too who have done wonderfully well to promote our culture and values. So, we tagged the project celebrating legends and icons.
I had the dream about 4 years ago, we deliberated on it and when it eventually gelled with a big brother of mine. He listened and we discussed it and he said the idea could really fly and the rest is now history. The second edition is scheduled for  October 20th 2016. This is what is now taking my time. Though, I still feature in some movies but not as many before”, Yomi explained.

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