A few years ago, Veteran Yoruba Actor, Charles Olumo popularly known as Agbako was in the news sequel to a strange illness that befell him. Recently, the nonagenarian actor was interviewed and when he was asked about the sickness, he said: “It was real.agba


I was indeed down with stroke, I couldn’t stand on my legs, my hands were useless as well and saliva was coming from my mouth. It was only God who revived me. I was on it for 6 months. It got to a stage that I couldn’t excrete or urinate, I was operated and I didn’t die in the process despite my old age.


I don’t want to believe that anyone can still kill me. I recently had a terrible accident in my compound after I had announced a date for my 90th birthday. I was sightless for a few seconds and I hit a shop in my compound, the vehicle is there right now as we speak and that is why I am left without any a car”.

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