It was a day of joy in the household of star actor, Muyiwa Ademola recently when the actor and his wife, Omolara Ademola celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in grand style.  asked Omolara what really got her attracted to her husband before she got married to this handsome looking Yoruba actor.


Omolara firstly answered with her wedding anniversary message to her hubby which read thus:
“You’ve always made sure that my priorities come first, you’ve been the one to placate every emotional outburst, you’ve always made all my dreams and wishes yours, you’ve ensured that I have never been sad or forlorn, to you I own my life and much more than that, without you i am nothing Baby, that’s a fact. Happy Anniversary to us. Love you and I will forever do.”images


A few  weeks back, mine and I went away for 2 days to celebrate our ten years of marriage. TEN YEARS. Not long in the big picture. We feel blessed, really, I remember. On our first anniversary, we were feeling like we had already been married forever but then I blinked, and year two through TEN.



It is not as if we are very perfect for that ten years or we don’t have issues but we thank God. What I did to keep the marriage going is focusing on the positive, unhappy couples are stuck in a negative state of mind. We learn how to handle our differences. We feel very close to each other.


I really trust my hubby; we are being non-materialistic valuing family and marriage over the accumulation of material goods. Practicing financial self-control and not spending beyond our means. And lastly, high level of religious commitment, a strong religious orientation provided couple with social, spiritual and emotional support”, she said.


What was the side attraction when you first saw him? Omolara narrated that “His quietness makes him unique among his peers and then he’s a brilliant and God fearing man. I married him because I truly love him.


I never fell in love with my husband because of his fame or money and here we are today waxing stronger each day. I really love the way God created me because I see myself as a special woman among other women and that is why he choose a right man for me, whom we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today.



We actually met 14years ago and we became husband and wife 4 years after. It has been nice and wonderful, though it hasn’t been easy but we give glory to God almighty who has been seeing us through and protecting the union. We met in Abeokuta under the rock through a friend’s friend who introduced me to him and we started talking and everything is now history.



It was love at first sight though”, she said.
On how she has been coping marrying an actor, the Ekiti State-born business woman narrated that, “It’s being God. It has not been easy.


It takes only the grace of God to be successful in the marriage. He is always at movie locations. At times we only see each other like twice a week but we do talk a lot on phone and that is why I said it hasn’t been easy. We do the talking on phone almost every day. We talk from time to time.



It takes a lot of patience, trust because I trust my husband so much. I really trust him more than anybody. If he is not working, common my baby will be at home chilling with his God given family. He is not the type who parties, drink or smoking”, Omolara explained.

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