aaaaaaaaaFrom the stable of multiple awards winning producer of Kosenitoye, Itakun Ife, Aturota and Oba Adetoyese, Abolanle Abdulsalam. Here comes yet another blockbuster movie titled, “Alaborun”, a movie that teaches a lot not only about men but also teaches the women to always define what they want from their needs.alaborun According to the producer, “’often time, we get carried away by our wants forgetting who we are, Alaborun is a story for all homes, it’s basically explained the deceptive ways of men and how desperate women can be”. However, the movie will hit the shelves tomorrow 5th, October 2015 as it will be marketed by leading Yoruba movie marketing outfit, Okiki Films and Record Productions, located inside Army Arena Shopping Complex, Bolade, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

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