Home Erotic Zone Pretty Actress, Doris Simeon Takes Ex-Husband, Daniel Ademinokan To Court (See Why)
Pretty Actress, Doris Simeon  Takes Ex-Husband, Daniel Ademinokan To Court  (See Why)

Pretty Actress, Doris Simeon Takes Ex-Husband, Daniel Ademinokan To Court (See Why)


Star actress, Doris Simeon has reportedly planning to officially take legal proceedings for the dissolution of the
marriage between her and her estranged
husband, Daniel Ademinokan which ccommencs anytime from
now. A new  online journal, CityScoop, yesterday exclusively reported that the divorce suit is
coming from Doris, as it was reliably gathered.Doris-Simeon-and-Daniel-and-baby Doris-Simeon-interview
Doris and Daniel have been separated for 5 years now. The
actress’ estranged husband, Daniel, a well known movie
director has since moved to the United States with
Nollywood popular actress, Stella Damasus who has been
the new woman in his life. Daniel also took with him to the
US, the only son his marriage with Doris produced.
There av been series of stories flying round since Doris and
Daniel parted ways, but till date neither of them has come
out to tell the real story behind their marital crisis.
Doris and Daniel were legally married for 5 years, but their
union lasted 7 years before they separated 5 years ago.
Though Daniel is now in the US, Doris is filing the divorce
case in Nigeria where they got married legally, we scooped.Doris-Simeon-Pulse
According to our source, the major thing the pretty actress
is aiming to achieve is the custody of her only child, who
she hasn’t set her eyes on for about 5 years.
In a recent interview with a celebrity magazine, Society
Treasure, Doris confirmed this development. She said in the
interview that she can’t continue to dwell in her past, and
that it was time for her to move on.
“I am grateful to God. He has never left my side. I always
say this; if you continue to dwell in your past, you will never
move forward in life. So, I have simply forged ahead and
asked myself what the next step is, what are the things I
need to do to make money instead of wasting my time
thinking about the past. Its been 5 years, life goes on”, she
said in the interview.
When asked whether she doesn’t get weighed down by
issues surrounding her marital crisis, Doris said; “we all
have our problems, if we decide to live by it, we will not
move forward. We all have our individual issues to contend
with, but the most important thing is for one not to allow
herself to be weighed down by the issues. I am a Christian
and I am one woman who focuses on that thing I am
pursuing, if I now have everything, then I can relax”.
She also confirmed that she speaks with her son through
his father. Meanwhile, the actress has revealed that she is
not ruling out going into a new marriage. “Its possible; I am
not saying I have closed my doors to marriage. So, if God
says its time to settle down, all well and good. But as a
human being, my target now is focusing on how to make it
in life”, she said.



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