As you read, let us be the first to tell you that popular Yoruba actress, Ayomide Dawodu is back in action and she didn’t just bounce back; the good news about her right now is that she is set to release her 2 debut movies which she titled Egungun Eja and Omo Oloja.IMG_20160609_135720


Egungun Eja is about the life sojourn of a young girl who went into prostitution with her friends and got carried away with the things of life and spent her life meaningless until when she later knew the purpose of her life. The story is full of suspense, love and betrayal.


The second movie, Omo Oloja is a story that deals with two childhood friends who got initiated into a wayward life and involved in sleeping with same man at a go, and find it so difficult to depart from the shameful act.


They both later faced the consequences, afterwards it actually preaches how girls of today do what the Yorubas called “AFARAWE’. It was produced by Ayomide and to be marketed by Olasco Films before the month of Ramadan runs out.


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