Information at disposal has revealed that fast rising but popular Yoruba actor, Olasunkanmi Akanni otherwise known as Olohunyo, who is known for his herbalist roles in most Yoruba movies, has been attacked by a set of hoodlums at a movie location in Lagos, Nigeria. IMG_20160222_080656Olohunyo, who is the youngest herbalist in the industry we learnt, was at a movie location in Grammar School, Ikorodu, Lagos when the thugs stormed the location and he was beaten to stupor and got injured. According to the information we got, the thugs came in to collect “Omo Onile’s” fee from them but the producer of the film was reluctant on paying the specific amount requested, they adamantly switched of the generator using to power the equipment which obstructed the production. Olohunyo is said to be feeling heat and he left the room to receive fresh air outside but he got beaten mercilessly. IMG_20160222_080708What we learnt was that his costumes and the kind of role he plays made them believed he is powerful in real life as he is in movies and may harm them. The said vagabonds allegedly harassed him and injured him before star actor; Afeez Eniola came to his rescue.

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