MARIAM AKANDE {OMO VC};)Yes! The Osun State-Nigeria- born actress, Mariam Akanke popularly known as Omo Vc is heavily pregnant. She was impregnated by a stranger in a movie titled Apesin Ola produced by Ifeoluwa Olawale. To deliver the child, she had difficulties because there is a ritual that was meant to be done by the father of the baby but he was nowhere to be found. The shooting of the movie is currently going on in Ikorodu area of Lagos. IMG-20151003-WA001 IMG-20151003-WA003(1) IMG-20151003-WA003 IMG-20151003-WA007 IMG-20151003-WA010 IMG-20151003-WA011 IMG-20151003-WA012 IMG-20151003-WA013 IMG-20151003-WA014

2 Responses to “Popular Actress, Mariam Omo VC Is Heavily Pregnant (Photos)”

  1. Alaoopeyemi October 3, 2015

    that’s my baby ,proud of you . wish you success in all your endeavours. proud to lead the successful set.@Alao

  2. tijani Bushirah April 4, 2016

    Nice one Omo VC,keep moving we are proud of u.

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