IMG-20160519-WA0023Sometimes ago, we did a report claiming that a time comes that an individual person will be taken to a laboratory for a medical check up in other to be sure if every human wearing cloth is actually a human.IMG_3328683236895 This was when we were talking about the indecent dressings in Nollywood, and it seems that the is here.IMG-20160608-WA0006

This is because of the new fashion trend Nigerians are crazy about as some of the theater practitioners has gradually been embracing it. IMG_19530592387217One thing that comes to mind whenever you set your eyes on anyone putting it on from afar is that a mad person is coming until he/she move closer to you before you can actually identify he or she. IMG_29391601882891Here are some of the photographs of the attire. Check them out.

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