Fresh war is currently going on in the Fuji Music industry between popular musician, Alabi Pasuma and ace broadcaster, Olayinka Olawoye otherwise known as Kabiyesi of Owuro Lawa if the information reaching us is something to write about. OBESERE

According to the information at our disposal, the cold war started a few weeks ago when the veteran broadcaster who is known to passionately promote Pasuma on his show, kept promoting  paramount king of music, Abass Akande Obesere’s new songs on his programme which come up by 6am to 10am on Lagos Television (LTV8).

Pasuma, we learnt felt bad as Obesere displaced him in the heart of the broadcaster and on his programme.

Consequent to the above, Pasuma began engaging in what people saw as an unnecessary malice. As if that wasn’t enough. The acceleration of the war took another turn when the news broke that the Ibadan, Oyo State-born Fuji musician; Obesere acquired a brand new car for the presenter.pasuma

Pasuma, we gathered felt remorseful and decided to start a face off with Kabiyesi who has over the years been promoting him. Having gotten this, did a thorough investigation of the matter as effort made by us to speak with Pasuma proved abortive.

Having not rest on our oars, we however spoke with Kabiyesi Owuro Lawa who spoke at length about the cause and the current situation of the brawl.

According to him, “I want to tell you that I can’t keep a brawl with Pasuma because he will still remain my son even till tomorrow and I am the chairman of Pasuma fans club globally. What happened is that Obesere gave me the right to be recording his live plays and take the money; this was after he bought me a car-a Renault car for which I just got the number plate about 3 days ago. Though, I still had him(Pasuma) on my programme 2 Fridays ago but as a musician, many will be going round about him. For real, we had face off but I made Pasuma understand that as a journalist cum broadcaster, I can’t limit myself with just only one person. I have an entertainment platform called Kabiyesi Owuro Lawa registered to promote entertainers and I don’t see any wrong in that and Obesere himself never complained about this”.owu

We further asked him to tell us about misunderstandings that transpired between him and Pasuma, he said “many were insinuating that, how would the chairman of Pasuma’s fans club be promoting another Fuji musician, but they have forgotten that I am a journalist and a broadcaster and I shouldn’t limit myself to one artiste. If we look at it very well and we talk about Wasiu, Malaika, Osupa and others, one would say that I am one sided for promoting only Pasuma because I roll with every one of them. With my registered name, I want everyone to know that I can promote any musician of my choice. The painful aspect of it was that when the whole issue started, I was unable to set my eyes on Pasuma, I went to his house but his manager, Matthew Ididowo denied me access to see him. I went to his house like 4 times and I didn’t see him, there was a day I was there and I was hearing his voice in the sitting room, Matthew told me that I should go back to LTV that they were coming. I didn’t see them until last 2 Fridays when he came for my programme’s interview and we didn’t really have the time to talk much. On Obesere’s reaction, he didn’t react because he has a plain heart. He said Baba, all I have done for you was done out of what you have done into the entertainment industry especially Fuji music industry. So he didn’t see it as big deal giving me all those privileges. He said he knew I wasn’t in the position I was meant to be, I don’t have a car and he bought one for me. He said he believe I must have seen a lot from the artistes I have been promoting in the last 15 years but nothing to show up for that. He didn’t only give me a car; but with huge amount of money. Before coming here, I was at Osupa’s show at LTV, so, I am not for anybody but everybody. Obesere supports and respects me a lot. There is no artiste that has ever given me the right to be selling his or her live performances and keep the money for myself. This is third live performance that I have sold and he didn’t ask me for the money”.

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