Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Thrice is a habit. This story of religious violence in Northern Nigeria has long become a habit.IMG-20160419-WA010

I choose to remember those fighting for our freedom right now because sometimes they have to travel thousands of miles to protect Nigeria and on behalf of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, a sincere thank you to all who have sacrificed for our freedom.



If there is one thing I have got to hold unto, it’s the courage to spread my Ibile revolutionary perspectives and philosophical roots because courage above all things is the first quality of a revolutionists.



Respect is earned, never given. As a criminologist or a sheepdog, I live to protect my kinsmen and also confront the wolf in political arena, even to this day after all that has happened to our activists , I’d die for it.

Gocha; My condolences to the people of Orodo town, Mbaitoli LGA, Imo state on Bridget who was killed in the name of blasphemy over nothing.



Can someone call attention of my brothers in Kano to the root of killing in Almighty Allah name which is as if they choose to insult God, because they imply that God is too weak to defend himself?



However, religion, especially as it is practised in Nigeria should always serves as a tool for mind control.



Any Nigerian Muslim who says he’ll kill another because they insulted his prophet says so because he knows there’s no justice in Nigeria and Kindly belief me or not, he is never a Muslim.



This is not a Muslim problem but Northern Nigeria problem. The most dangerous interpretation of Wahabism has taken root there and belief me the north has a problem. No one is safe, including Muslims who are not Wahabists, not you, or me.



We must act to rescue the Nigerian humanity. Let’s watch this ugly issue
with keen interest because Bridget didn’t commit suicide.



She wasn’t defending her faith against Islam. She was set up by some animals in Kano and if the government of today failed to bring the culprits to face the law, it means that the APC lead FGN failed to protect the lives of Nigerians as Mr president pledged.




The worse is that of the Nigerian police and Emir Of Kano who pretends like these things do not happen. Imagine the deafening silence of the Kano state governor.


The problem can only be addressed by Northern leaders themselves, not by worried Christians or Igbo or Yoruba people who rightfully condemned the barbaric act.



And I will be here to describe them (the northern leaders) enemies of humanity, the populace, and human history; they are submissive pathetic fools.



Apparently, the Kano state has perpetuates the idea of blasphemy as a punishable crime, so how can we blame the ignorant/violent goats for acting in this manner?
Has any northern religious or political leader condemned yesterday’s beheading of the Christian woman by a mob for blasphemy in Kano yet?



Ibile Peaceful Assembly hope that the Kano State Government would ensure justice is served. And it must be seen by all to be served, not like some cases that had tarry.

Let me conclude that a lot of Nigerians are people of religion not people of faith. Very dogmatic. No room for compassion which is the true message of the faith.
All above 65 years in our public has nothing new to offer Nigeria. No new ideas, no new ways of thinking about Nigeria. May Almighty God save us from those who want to grand Nigeria because age is no more on their side.

Kindly remain blessed as you choose to Rise with Mr-Ibile

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