Budding actress, Temitope Solaja has revealed that her chest and legs are the driving force that makes her more attractive to men at all time and also arrest their attentions.IMG_20151110_131815
In a chat with Yorubamoviegist.com this after, the Aruga movie producer mentioned this when we asked her to describe her beauty in one word. IMG_20151110_131827She said, “Well, nothing really special about my beauty because it’s a natural beauty. I maintain my stature and my skin, I hate anything artificial”. IMG_20151110_131855
She further narrated that what she cherish most in her body is her face. “I cherish my face because have got no pimples and it’s beautiful, I did not do anything to influence it, I’m just blessed without pimples. Men commend my chest and my beautiful legs. They just like my legs and chest, I can’t say more than that”.IMG_20151110_132040
Has anyone tried to touch either of the two in the public? Temitope said,” Never, I ‘m a no nonsense person. When they are not mad. Even my boyfriend as never tried that with me. They can only tell me wooooow, Temitope you are pretty, you are blessed with nice skin and your chest ain’t bad. They latter laugh at my legs and still tell me my legs are cute. It’s normal anyway”.IMG_20151110_132000

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