In trying to get a formidable response from veteran actor, Alhaji Kareem Adepoju a.k.a Baba Wande over the new allegation from Prince Bola Oyin Adejobi one of the scions of the late veteran Actor, Oyin Adejobi, over the authenticity of the real author of the famous movie “Ti Oluwa Nile” Contributing Editor, GBENGA DAN ASABE called the veteran actor on Thursday February 4 at exactly 12:52 PM and the elderly actor who recently marked 50 years on stage reacted to the insinuation that he didn’t write the script of TI OLUWA NI ILE and that it was his former boss, Oyin Adejobi whom he served for 25 years that wrote. Baba Wande who was very livid with anger opened the interview  with a rain of curses on whoever made that allegation. Below are excerpts.a-8

Sir, we want you to react to an allegation from late Oyin-Adejobi family over some issues that cropped up and where your name was mentioned?

You mean Oyin Adejobi, yes?

We interviewed a member of the family and we got to know that you were one of Baba’s assistants in his life time and you equally served him for a very long time?


We equally learnt that the famous movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” was allegedly written by Baba Oyin Adejobi. But when you released it in 1995, you didn’t take permission from the family?

(Cuts in Angrily) The Person who told you that it is Baba that wrote the story, that person will perish. (Ofo ni yio se) Continue your talk…

Sir, I can’t hear you very well?

I said the person who told you that I am not the author of Ti Oluwa Nile, the person will experience great misfortune (Ofo ni yio se) The Person that has such gut to say Baba wrote the story, that person will suffer great loss (Ofo loni toun o se), and his life will never balance. His work will be taken by another person, that person has really irritated me..

(Cuts in) Sir, they said you were one of Baba’s aides and maybe you mistakenly took the copy from him?

I don’t even want to continue this discussion with you again…a1-1

(Cuts in) No, no, sorry sir. We are very sorry, we only said the family alleged that you released the story without taking permission?

What nonsense, I wrote my story, why should someone ever think of such malicious act towards me? God will punish the person who told you that. His work will become another person’s work. Another person will inherit his good work because that is a very bad thing he said. He has ridiculed me, that what Baba wrote is what I produced? What an insult?

(Cuts in) I think they felt you didn’t inform the family before you produced the story?

The person who told you that story is a wicked person. Tell him that I cursed him. (Eni to so yun, ika ni, e so fun pe mo sepe fun). In fact don’t ever call me for this kind of stupid allegation again.

They also said they saw the banner of Orogun Adedigba which some people are planning to produce now. And you are one of the lead actors in that production as stated on the banner. This is one story the family says was written and produced by your late boss in his life time, would you say you are the one who wrote this one too?

I am not aware of the production, the Producer only put my name to trick people in order to sell the movie. I am not in that film and I have called that marketer to ask him why he did such a sordid thing.

But your name and picture is stated there as a lead actor?

Yes, my name is there. But I didn’t act in the film. It is the marketer that used my name and I have called him, I don’t want to be involved in litigation or else I would have sued him for doing such a thing. You go and investigate who produced that film (Re-Production of Orogun Adedigba) and who is marketing it. Do your investigation, investigate who did that poster and you will see that I don’t know anything about it, they only put my name on the poster and I have called him but the marketer begged and said he is only trying to use my name to sell the movie.

Yes, the family said nobody approached them for production right of Orogun Adedigba and they are surprised to see your picture on the poster?

I am happy that the film will be out very soon. Is it not a film? You will discover that I didn’t act in it; in fact this (new) Orogun Adedigba is not even in consonance it with Baba’s story, it is not parallel with it at all because I am not involved. They only used my name, I don’t know anything about the production. When I first saw it, I wanted to take it serious by going to court, but I decided to call them first. I said “This thing you did, is it a good thing? You just want to soil my name because all the family members of Baba are now fighting me over the film’ that I am the one behind the production and I said ‘no, I am not the one’. What is hidden to man is public to God, the marketers who did the job can only be the ones in the right position to tell you what and why they did it. I didn’t act a scene in that film.

But you acted in the old edition produced by Baba Oyin Adejobi?

I am saying that I am not in this new one you saw the poster, I am not there yet they designed my picture and put it in the poster as if I acted in the movie. I am so disappointed.

Is it true that you served Baba Oyin Adejobi as a servant and equally helped him for many years?

Yes, but the family doesn’t believe that I helped their father any longer. This is a man who was incapacitated and because he has no legs, that was why I stood with him for 25 years. I served him for 25 years, Baba was working at the council and I was the one taking his theatre group around, promoting his job and I can tell you that Baba has many stories we wrote together that I didn’t even touch. I didn’t touch any of his stories because I always think of my own ideas.

They alleged that Baba in his lifetime types his plays by himself and maybe the script of TI OLUWA NI ILE mistakenly got leaked to you?

La Ilaaa!!!, you see that the person who told you this tale is a useless person (Se ripe Oloriburuku le ni o so be fun yin), he will never succeed in life (Ti e o ni da, ofo ni o se), that the script leaked to me? Can you imagine such a useless tale; I left Baba ten years before his demise. So, what am I doing with his script?

The family also alleged that the first car you used in your life was bought by Baba Oyin Adejobi?

Yes, that one is true. He is the one that first bought a Volkswagen Beetle for me. But I am the one that found the deal that led to the buying of the car. I am the business finder who found the business that enabled Baba to buy a Peugeot car. He bought a Lorry and inside same money, he bought a car for me. I am the one who found the business. So, there was nothing new.

The allegations are just too many. They also alleged that there was a time someone took a story, Oduduwa and produced it and now we have Orogun Adedigba taken as well and about to be produced…

The person telling you all these stupid stories, when his father died why didn’t he produce the remaining stories in his care? Yomi Ogunmola did theirs. The Duro Ladipos did theirs. Why didn’t their own family come out only to be destroying my name everywhere; may God destroy their names ooo.

So, in a nutshell you are the original writer of TI OLUWA Ni ILE?

Please, young man, do I need to still be convincing you about that? Do we need to be prolonging matters? Even you can go and ask TK (Tunde Kilani of Mainframe Productions) that we jointly did the production, he knows I am the writer of the story. So, I don’t like talking about this story. I am above petty allegations. Please, don’t raise this kind of story with me again.

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