Subsequent to his immense and huge agility he applied to his lifestyle in making the Nigerian make-believe industry great, respected Yoruba movie director, Adebayo Tijani has been rated in the industry has one of the frontline and highest paid Yoruba movie directors.
tijHowever, it is very disheartening seeing a professional with such pedigree to make an unpardonable error in the cause of carrying out his daily activities which he has been doing for about two decades.

For a very long time, there have been several errors in virtually all Yoruba movies including the sub-titling.

The particular shameful one Tijani made was in a movie titled ‘Tani Ole’ part 2 produced by Sanyeri and directed by Adebayo Tijani.

It was released recently. In this flick, there is a woman called Mopelola Elerangbe, who was negotiating with Sanyeri’s gang on how to return their guns brought to them by Sanyeri.

When the woman was called upon and she wanted to pick up the phone, the colour of the phone she picked up was white, but while she was receiving the call, the phone mysteriously turned black.

You need to watch this movie and see the unpardonable deficiency from the director of the movie.

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