Home BREAKING NEWS Ibrahim Chatta Dumps 3 Yoruba Actresses Fighting Over Him As He Allegedly Holds 3rd Wedding Today with Upcoming Actress (Photos)
Ibrahim Chatta Dumps 3 Yoruba Actresses Fighting Over Him As He Allegedly Holds 3rd Wedding Today with Upcoming Actress (Photos)

Ibrahim Chatta Dumps 3 Yoruba Actresses Fighting Over Him As He Allegedly Holds 3rd Wedding Today with Upcoming Actress (Photos)


In August 12, 2015, the Yoruba movie industry witnessed a shameful scenario between 3 upcoming actresses who engaged in a serious fight over the heart of star actor, Ibrahim Chatta, just a few months after his marriage to former Nigerian governor’s daughter, Salamat crashed.addtexttophoto1-10-2016-8-57-54

The fight became more messy especially when the BBM chat of one them leaked online. Then, the story had it that
After Ibrahim Chatta’s wedding with the daughter of the ex-governor of Kwara state, Mohammed Lafiaji Salmat Lafiaji, failed, there were speculations that Chatta was ruffling the sheet with fast rising Funmi Awelewa. Later in the year Funmi cleared the air, insisting that she has a boyfriend abroad, and didn’t date Chatta.
Apparently, another drama came up with some interesting Broadcast Messages leaked out and the content of the BC obviously was a personal chat between Funmi Awelewa and one Muhydeen who is the PA of prolific filmmaker, Antar Laniyan. The chat was said to be backbiting about a fellow actress Seyi Edun aka Shai.addtexttophoto1-10-2016-9-9-16

The content of the BC reads in bit;

“Funmi awelewa:                            Good morning
Funmi awelewa:                              How was ur night?
MUYIEEN★lo:            Morning
MUYIEEN★lo:            Comfortable nd urs
Funmi awelewa:                              Fine
Funmi awelewa:                              Could u bliv Richie told Shai abt wat we discuss wiv him dat day
Funmi awelewa:                              Dat guy is stupid
Funmi awelewa:                              Shai mentioned it wen she was talking to Tope
MUYIEEN★lo:            Wich day
Funmi awelewa:                              Ni iwaju hotel yen


The Broadcast was mistakenly leaked by Muhydeen and then re-broadcasted by another actress Omolara Samuel.

Prior to the ‘chat and the mistaken broadcast’, Funmi Awelewa and Muhydeen were said to have met on the location of a movie in Ibadan and had talked about Shai in front of another actor Richie.

Funmi alleged that Shai said popular film Marketer “HYBEE” is bad deal for business. They said he doesn’t pay his producers, even after, making so much return from the released film.

Funny enough like everyone else, the same Shai that was talked about got the BC and rebroadcasted with an initial quote “ Hmmmm God go dey expose una one by one…..Bring it on fake people everywhere”

Funmi Awelewa was quick to hit back at her, see her comment;


“SHAI, Biko stop creating Nuisance nd sit ur fucking Ass Down. I am not a fool nd am not ready for stupid drama! U all motherfucker re sending d bc like OMOLARA SAMUEL nd co. I will advice u to read d conversation again nd again. I am not here to please anyone, if u ar not happy wiv d way am living my life pls kindly save me d stress by deleting ursef. @arewa_awelewa”


An online blog contacted Shai  to get her reaction to the story and she said, ” My brother, i really don’t want to be a party to this kind of thing. I thought Funmi was my friend, i’m surprised she could go about peddling false stories about me. I’ve been in this industry for about 10 years now, Funmi came in just yesterday, i wont have her get cheap fame through me. This is not the first time she is offending me, and i reported her to Ibrahim Chatta.”

When Funmi Awelewa was contacted, her phone line was switched off and a text was dropped on her line;


“Hello Funmi, we are investigating a story linking you with your colleagues Shai and Muhydeen, we would love to get your side of the story.  Thanks.”

The reason behind their fight was alleged to be Ibrahim’s heart.


Subsequently, another report hit up between Funmi and another upcoming actress, Bidemi Kosoko, claiming that budding Nollywood actress Bidemi Kosoko and Funmi Awelewa used to be like two peas in a pod. But in recent times, the relationship between the two actresses seems to have gone awry as they are no longer best buddies.
It was alleged that their friendship severed because of a guy, Ibrahim Chatta who is also alleged to be dating the two ladies.
But speaking to Saturday Punch, Funmi said she has no issues with Bidemi.
“I have always told myself that there is nothing like permanent friends. Your best friend today might be your worst enemy tomorrow. If you don’t respect yourself in this industry, nobody will respect you. But there are so many olofofo in this industry. If somebody is your friend, don’t suspect that person and if you suspect anybody, don’t make the person your friend.

“People come to tell me Bidemi said this and that and they will go to her and tell her I said this and that. Those that come to me, I would always ask them if I should call Bidemi and ask her about what they claimed she said about me. They tell her not to move with me and that I want to be famous through her.


They come to me and say the same. I decided to give her space. I used to go to her shop and we greet,”Funmi said.
Concerning the allegation about dating Ibrahim Chatta, Funmi said, “I am not in a relationship with him. We are very close.


If you are close to somebody, people would think you guys are dating. He is my senior colleague. I live in my own house in Ibadan. People tell me I should not debunk the rumour. I have a relationship abroad. I don’t want to do something stupid. I don’t give a damn about what people say.

“I can’t speak for her but I also know that Bidemi is not Ibrahim’s girlfriend. Ibrahim didn’t dump her for me. I am aiming towards building a scandal-free name. I don’t want to be lifted by scandal. I want my work to speak for me,”she said.

Meanwhile, Bidemi is not the only one rumoured to be at war with Funmi. Saturday Beats gathered that she and another actress, Seyi Edun, no longer see eye to eye because of another actor Cvm director.

Speaking on the issue, Funmi said, “I don’t want to talk about Seyi Edun. Seyi has never been my friend. She is just my colleague right from day one. Me, fight over a man? I have a name to protect. God sees my heart. I have no issue with Seyi concerning a man. I think somebody wants to bring me down. But don’t bring others down to get fame. I am just on my own. I have decided to stay low because I don’t want wahala.”



If you must know, Ibrahim Chatta has shown that he is not interested in marrying any of the 3 actresses as he is allegedly warming up to wed another pregnant upcoming actress who goes by the name Lizzy Berrie, this morning at God knows where according to report reaching Yorubamoviegist.com. Lizzy is said to be one of the actresses under Ibrahim’s tutelage before she got the pregnancy.


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