One of the sultry actresses rocking Yoruba Movie industry at the moment, Tamilore Ojo Martins has come out to confess that anytime she become octogenarian, she will still be sexually active on bed if God give her the strength.IMG_20160704_043211
The sexy actress exclusively made this confession to yesterday when she added another year to her age.
According to her, “I am so excited to see myself today in good health. I really thank the Lord who has been keeping me and strengthens me to do more in my day to day activities.IMG_20160704_043218

One of the days I cherish most in life is the I was born which is today July 18th. I really bless the name of God for the new age”.

Speaking further, Tamilore said, “well, I wouldn’t know if I am sexy or not but all I can say is that I am blessed with good shape. You are a man and you know what you’ve seen before you started thinking that I am sexy. Above all, my kind of shape is what most men likely want in their women,”she said.IMG_20160704_043208

If you were to be 70 today, would you still perform marathon sex like you stated it in one of your previous interviews with us?unnamed

“I wish I can still do that to my man but how are you sure that he will still be performing marathon by that age? As for me, I will still be performing my duty on bed to my man when 80, that is if God strengthens me to do so”, she concluded.

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