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“I Once Sold Food @Iyana Ipaja Bus Stop Before I Joined Acting + Why I Quit”-Pretty Actress, Habibat Jinad Opens Up As She Marks Birthday Today

“I Once Sold Food @Iyana Ipaja Bus Stop Before I Joined Acting + Why I Quit”-Pretty Actress, Habibat Jinad Opens Up As She Marks Birthday Today



Sexy actress, Habibat Jinad is obviously one of the pretty babes currently in hot demand in the Yoruba Movie Industry. She came into acting in 2008 and she has since been able to carve a niche for herself in the industry. Apart from acting, she was also a presenter with a Yoruba television station (Orisun TV) presenting a programme called “Miliki Express” before she left for a reason best known to her. The dashing babe, who is marking her birthday today May 15th, 2018, exclusive revealed to www.yorubamoviegist.com’s GBOLAHAN ADETAYO the real story of her life among others. Enjoy the excerpts:


How did you join acting?                       

Acting is something I wanted to do right from my childhood because I have passion for it and I decided to follow my dream in the year 2007. I got into the industry with the Grace of God. Nobody brought me in. in 2008, I went to meet Afeez Abiodun Owo, I registered with him and I graduated in 2010.  I thank God for the position I found myself today in the industry. The journey has been very chaotic but I thank God for His mercies on me. It’s not been easy at all, especially if you want to be known everywhere, it is not a day’s job, and you have to work so hard to get there.

 What are your challenges in the industry?                       

Firstly, I will say money because you need money to push your career and to produce good movies. Secondly, I need good producers and directors who can belief in me and invite me for their jobs. That’s all I can say to that.

But there are lots of big producers and directors in the industry are they not good enough to be in your standard?                       

They’re very good but some of them don’t belief in you at first until you are made.   I want to believe that people will understand my little explanation.

What were you doing before you delved into acting?                       

I was a caterer; I had a canteen at Alimosho Area, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. Located at Folarin Street Alimosho Bus-Stop, Lagos. I later stopped because of my age, I was so young and I have so many older competitors around me. They started throwing spiritual attacks. So, I had to stop because I still have a long way to go in life.  This was even in 2014 before I had my son.

How many movies have you featured in or produced?                       

I have produced 4 movies, featured in so many including Omokomo which was produced by me in 2010, Ikulokunrin 2011, Oba Meji, What Goes Around produced by me IN 2017. I featured in Basira Badia, Sister Sister, Enibi Olorun, Aso Akube, Dollar, Adigarawolu, Aremu Swagger, Asise Kan, Ile ijo e.t.c .

Not many people know that you have a grown up son; can you tell us about him?                       

Yeah, his name is Joshua Oluwanifemi Kehinde Jinadu. He was born in April 2006; he is now in Secondary School. Joshua is a God sent child, very humble, loyal and he knows how to manage every situation he found himself. He doesn’t spend money anyhow. He started cooking at age 6.

How come your son bears Jinad rather than his father’s name?                       

He woke me up one morning and said to me, my mommy I want your father’s name in my name, Will you do that for me? I was speechless, l did not even know what to say and he started begging me. I don’t have a choice than to say no problem, you know children of nowadays, they can be very funny. He has his own reason for chosen my father’s name though.

Why didn’t you marry his dad?                       

We were not married before the baby came, but we had our family introductions. We got separated since 2007. The cause of the separation is a long story my brother. I don’t want to go into the details for now. All I will say is that it is not good so marry someone out of pity; you might end up having a bad experience. I thank God today for my life; I have my son Joshua with me. His father actually died in 2017.

Why are you still single despite your charming look?                        

I choose to be happy because I have gone through a lot in life and I don’t want any stress for myself again. When it’s time for me to marry I would definitely settle down.

What is your view about marriage?                       

Anyway, marriage is good for those who are ready to settle down. I would like to advise everyone not to rush into it and don’t ever marry out of pity.

Share with us your growing up story?                   

My growing up was so hard, my father was a rich man but I lost him in 1997, ever since then, nobody was there except my grandmother, she stood by my side. I had being through hell and thank God for my life today. When there’s life there’s hope. My mum is still alive doing fine.


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