Veteran actor, Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello, who started his acting career in 1970 has opened up to us that at a point in his career, he almost relegate himself from acting out of frustrations. The Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria-born film legend started acting at humble age and since the death of Ojo Ladiipo (Baba Mero), his boss and mentor, some years ago, he has been saddled with the responsibility of leading the Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group. beThis, he did for many years until the latest fad of home movies took the better of him and his group members. When asked him about his most difficult time in acting, Bello said, “I will like to say everything is based on destiny because at a time, I decided to quit acting, this was in 1985, that was when the wife of my late boss, Ojo Ladipo died, she died exactly 7 years after her husband’s departure and this gave me a lot of concerns and after her death, I had so many problems here and there, several allegations trailed me that I was the brain behind the sudden death of the couple. oga belloThis was because when our boss died, I took up the leadership of the group and things were going on fine before his wife also breath her last after 7 years, so there are lots of mysteries people speculating all these around which were too much for me and i made up my mind that after her burial, I will just quit. I even called my family to garner money for me to start up a business until when Late Chief Doctor Hubert Ogunde called me to his house, and when I got there, Baba was like “Mogbo nko ti woni iwo kede wi,pe o fe sere mo, Kilokede nba ire leru? Iwo okedemope enitoba manigbega Makede ni adowo? Lomase nko tose, akede mafi adura ran e lowo” literarily means I heard that you are quitting acting, don’t you know that whosever that will be great in life must face some challenges? Go and continue your work, we will support you with prayers. That was the first time I will hear that statement in my life. What he said that day really changed my mind and I decided to move on. As at that time, my age can’t bear it, I was thinking it was too much for me, different fallacy making the round until when I discovered that whatever that has to do with celebrities will definitely generate unnecessary noise, and that was my thought. That is why I said everything about my life based on destiny; if not the idea to make the U-turn would have been possible”.

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