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Home INTERVIEWS “I Enjoy Directing Movies Than Acting”- Popular Movie Director, Adebayo Picollo Speaks
“I Enjoy Directing Movies Than Acting”- Popular Movie Director, Adebayo Picollo Speaks

“I Enjoy Directing Movies Than Acting”- Popular Movie Director, Adebayo Picollo Speaks




Oladipo Jelili Adebayo better known as Adebayo Picollo is a renowned actor, script writer, producer and film director, who is at the moment making waves especially in the Oyo State chapter of the association of the theater practitioners.

He joined the industry in 1990 through his boss Adedeji Ologbojo. His father was a former patron of Afolabi Theatre Group which really influenced him before he delved into it.


Piccolo has produced movies like Alade Vendor, Dokita Kunle, Aje Imule and Detective. Before acting, he was an honourable councilor of Oyo East Local Government.

Speaking with www.yorubamoviegist.com on how he ventured into the profession 28 years ago, Picollo said “my passion for the job as a child made me go into it through the help of my boss.  When the association was known as ANTP, I was a Local government PRO, Secretary and chairman of ANTP.  Later, I became Oyo State Financial Secretary of the association during the tenure of Alhaji Ayobami Bobo. Thereafter, TAMPAN was introduced and I became one of the pioneer caretakers of the Oyo state chapter of TAMPAN. I am still the caretaker of Oyo state as a Financial Secretary. I thank God for my life. In fact, in Oyo town generally, I hold Oyo zone chairmanship for 12years up till date”.

“ I have directed several films like Anita, Ogo  Warawara, Omo Arugbo, Alade Vendor, Dokita Kunle, Gold Digger, Tamilore, Eje Ibeji, Iran Meta, Opeyemi  Olooto, Pataki Meta, One Night and more. I have faced a lot of challenges in the process of achieving these feats. This is because the journey started from Oyo town. Our industry is the type that if you are not from Lagos state, you have to face many things.

Marketers believe in only those they see always. They will not give you money to produce and when you struggle to source for cash and produce, you will still find it difficult to get your capital back from them. This is so common with most of them. That is my take on producing movies, but on directing, I faced many challenges as well but I thank God for where I am today. I remained focused on my mission and I work harder to overcome challenges.  Winners never quit, quitters never win”.

Asking further on which one gives him more joy most between producing movies and directing, he stretched further, “both actually excite me but I love directing more. You know I am also an actor, but I make more money from directing movies. Producers invite me more to direct their movies”, he explained.


  1. Your comment …but I like your acting one of your movie that I wash anfani orogbo her u the producer of that movie because u the not talk about it


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