One of Nigeria’s leading mobile phone shops, SLOT owned by Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo on Tuesday, October 8, 2014 introduced a new product from Blackberry called Blackberry Passport. The event which had ace comedian, Ali Baba and hip hop star, Sheyi Shey and several customers in attendance. In a chat with City People Reporter, PRINCESS ALOHAN, SLOT boss spoke on the new phone and credit facilities available to Nigerians.slot

What is the concept behind Blackberry Passport?
From my market observation, Blackberry is losing every market share, so there was need for Blackberry to come up with a product to revive and increase its position and Blackberry Passport as actually come to do that. Its arrival has shown that Blackberry and its capability is what every business owner will want to own. This is an enterprise solution device, it’s a phone specially for business owners, who want to carry their business along with them, wherever they are, like in their homes, in their offices and out of the country. One of the very special features it has is that it can enable you sycronize with your laptob. So if you are in the office, whatever you have on your phone you can as well use it with your laptop, that is one very special feature I think every business owner will want to have. It is actually a phone that is designed for biusiness owners and business people because it’s an enterprise solution device.

Is the phone affordable?
Well it’s quite affordable and it’s about N130,000. It is not a huge amount of money.

Is there insurance on its purchase?
Well, we always give one year warranty and you know that it does not cover user’s fault, even your car does not cover any user’s fault, however because you bought from us, we ll make sure that the cost of repair will not be too much .

Your advert says “buy now and pay later.” Can you explain?
Everything we do is all about the cosumers and we understand that some people want to buy expensive devices and they can’t not pay at once, so if you want to buy any phone and you want to pay in installment, go to Zenith Bank we partner with them.

So can anybody go to Zenith Bank?
The facility is for people that are working and the bank will give you all the details.

Do you sell online?
Yes, we have a very functional online platform and let me use this opportunity to talk about it. Our online services is what consumers should take advantage of, because we do free home delivery around Lagos State. Sometime you will not have time to come to the shop what you can use is to go online and place your order and we deliver it at your door-step free of charge in Lagos State, very soon we will do same in other states.

Do you partner with other companies?
Yes, we have already partnered with Mtn and Airtel and we are bringing Glo and Etisalat very soon. We want to make things easy for our consumers, when you buy a phone from us, you don’t need to go to Mtn office because they are here in Slot for your data bundle and cutting of Sim card. We understand that consumers buy phone without activating the data plan, we want to help you with the data plan so you can enjoy it anywhere you go.



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