Whenever the name Odunfa Caucus, the foremost Yoruba movie clique is mentioned only 3 names readily comes to mind. It is usually that of Yinka Quadri, Ogogo and Abbey Lanre.  But there is a 4th person who is the PRO of the group. He is Alhaji Abiodun Kakawa.

A few days back, Kaka, spoke with a popular entertainment newspaper publisher in Lagos where he talked about his life and how Odunfa Caucus came to be. Read on.kaka

People only hear your name, Kaka. Who is this tall and huge man every one simply calls Kaka?

My name is Chief Jamiu Abiodun Ayinde Kakawa, from Kakawa-Woduba Chieftaincy family of Lagos State. I am from that popular Kakawa family of Lagos Island. And by the Grace of Almighty Allah I am the Kakawa elect, Chief Kakawa of Lagos. I attended Sumatu Islam Primary School in Lagos Island.  I later went to Holly Saviours College, Isolo with Oba Kabiru Osolo Adelaja from there we started together with Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde. I was his 1st Public Relations Manager from 1979  to 1992. Later on, I just sat down with Ogogo, Yinka, Lanre, everybody. That is how this Odunfa Caucus started. That is how God said Amen to our prayers.

How do you see the theatre business then?

In those day, the older actors usually find it difficult to come together to do things, to show themselves story ideas.

But these guys are different. Up till now if Yinka in working on a story line he will call Ogogo and show him. He will call Abbey Lanre to ask for ideas.

That was how the whole group evolved. Even some of our seniors comes to us for ideas or for some members to join them for movies. Oga Bello sometimes calls on us. Jide Kosoko does the same. Even when they have come up with ideas, they can seek for our opinion. That is how the caucus has grown.

The other directors of the caucus commended you for being accommodating. How easy was it for you to accommodate them?

Since I was young I have always had a lot of young people with me. I used to hang around people like Alhaji Musiliu Obanikoro, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, they used to come here. As some come, they go and new people come. But when this guys came here, they stayed back and they started theatre business and more and more people joined them.

May be because of the Public Relations job I learnt with Wasiu Ayinde that has helped. My philosophy of life is everybody is somebody. Don’t forget that I was one of the first set of people to package Musliu Haruna Ishola in Lagos when City People hosted him a few years ago.

Tell us how you handle the PR of Odunfa Cancus?

We thank God that we were able to build a name for all of us. We distinguished ourselves as a force to reckon with. The 4 of us have built a good name for ourselves. Just mention our names and people will tell you Yinka Quadri, Ogogo, Abbey Lanre are big names in the industry.

That is part of the success story of Odunfa Caucus.

What the next level for Odunfa Caucus?

That lies with God. It is in Gods hands. When we sat down to plan, we decided that we would not just celebrate 30 years of Odunfa Caucus by dancing and merriment, we need to do things that will strengthen this Caucus for surviving this long.

When we started Odunfa Caucus, caucuses like Menran, Iyesi and other were existing but some have disappeared. But thank  God, we still exist today. To God be the Glory a lot of actors and actress have passed through here  like Bisi Komolaye, Bisi Ibadapo Obe, Sir K Kamoru, Saidi Balogun, and others. We now decided that with 30 years of Odunfa Caucus, we should lay a foundation to build a place in the next 6 months. Yoruba Institute of Acting or something like that. We can build that and now modenise it so that students can get certificates when they graduate. We thank God.  We did a fund raising recently and we able to raise some funds. With the assistance of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Ganiyu Odesanya Oloto, we know we will be able to give us land around here because we don’t want to leave this Mainland.

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