Not long ago, when wrote that the relationship between star actress, Tayo Odueke aka Sikiratu Sindodo and Fuji Star, Sule Alao Malaika seems to have hit the rock, the response was critical especially from their fans who doubted the report.alao
For many years, the love birds were romantically linked but denied it on several occasions until recently in an interview when the music act, Alao and Sindodo both admitted they were in a relationship. A few days ago, precisely on Monday February 15th, Sule Alao celebrated his birthday. He was celebrated by his colleagues and fans that were sending their congratulatory messages across to him on social media and also graced their Blackberry Display Pictures with Malaika’s best photos. The shock was that, throughout the day, Sindodo who couldn’t do in a day without putting Alao’s photo on her BlackBerry display picture didn’t use him on her DP let alone of writing a message on her Personal Message to wish him a happy birthday. This, has invariably made people believe that something is going wrong between them underground. In return, today February 21st 2016 is Sindodo’s birthday and Malaika isn’t in anyway showing any care about it on social media. On his Blackberry Personal Message, this is what he said “I’m a moving train and God has promised me that my train would never stop”. That is what he wrote rather than wishing his lover of many years a happy birthday. This, has however been generating controversy in the industry today as their relationship is rumoured to have crashed based on the above reasons we have mentioned.

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