Recently, precisely On 12th August 2016, the unveiling of the Yoruba Film festival organized by Hon. Prince Segun Omoworare was held at the King’s palace Hall of “The Oni of Ife” the AROLE ODUDUWA.FB_IMG_1471501000690
The unveiling witnessed the presence of big players in the Yoruba movie industry including Femi Adebayo, Faithia Balogun, Kemi Afolabi, Ijodee Dance, Bukanla Ogunote and many other directors and Yoruba film producers.FB_IMG_1471501005242

Yoruba dance steps, Films and music were exhibited at the event on the day. however present to you photos from the event.FB_IMG_1471501008608 FB_IMG_1471501012076 FB_IMG_1471501016987 FB_IMG_1471501021297 FB_IMG_1471501026081 FB_IMG_1471501039516 FB_IMG_1471501044030 FB_IMG_1471501050318

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