In the Yoruba movie and music industry, Oyelodun Temilola Saheed aka Mouzone49fs is a popular name
whom many showbiz stars reckon with at all times.AddTextToPhoto(21-1-2016 7-51-53)
He is a visual editor and motion grapier. For him, he
started editing about a decade ago and he has done
numbers of TV commercials as well for National Radio
Corporation, Abuja Auto Fair in 2011, a programme
organized by Nigeria in conjunction with Turkey.
Saheed has tremediously been contributing into the
development of the Nigerian musical industry via his
job. He has edited various movies and musical videos
for top entertainers in the country including Dr Saheed
Osupa, Tope Alabi, Sule Alao Malaika, Remi Aluko and
When asked him about how he got into the
profession, Saheed said, “at first, it was out of my
Joblessness, because I worked with Pye securities as site supervisor and others, and after then, I tried to
secure a job which wasn’t possible, and I am a kind of
person that likes anything that has to do with
computers. One of those days I was watching TV with
my friend and he told me that we can make video a
little bit better in Nigeria than the way it used to be and
this was about 10 years ago, he took into
cinematography and I took into video editing and that
was how the journey started. I started with Eclypse
Entertainment and Dare Saka who I always refers
as my boss came to our studio to work and the editor
that was working with him called me to help them cut a
certain job on musical video and that was how I
started doing musical video editing officially. Talking
about my growing up, it was a little bit tough. I didn’t
grow with my dad and we don’t have any silver spoon.
My mum trained me. Among my contemporaries, they
get all they needed on time. Food on their tables, house
to sleep and hall that. I have slept in an uncompleted
building for about a year. There was no job and I was
looking for somewhere to sleep and I told my friends
that my landlord will throw me out soon in my one
room apartment as of then. Nobody to help me and all
that. I owed him like a year rent and he made life
unbearable for me before I liaise with my mum that
I was already having heart attack. I told my mum that I
will run away and she said I shouldn’t do so. She
spoke with a foreman who was in charge of a building
under construction in Egbeda, Lagos and he said if I
do not mind, I can come and manage in the place until
they will continue working on the building. I had no
option than to do so and I was there for long before
my sister’s client introduced me to the company I
worked with before this one and that was how I came out
of it”.

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