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CORPORATE PICTURES BOSS, ABDULRAZAQ ABDULLAHI BARES IT ALL  ….Revealed His New Plans To Battle Movie Pirates in Nigeria

CORPORATE PICTURES BOSS, ABDULRAZAQ ABDULLAHI BARES IT ALL ….Revealed His New Plans To Battle Movie Pirates in Nigeria



The President of the Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Abdurasaq Abdullahi, who is also the Chairman of Corporate Pictures, has revealed to www.yorubamoviegist.com the association’s latest move to overcome the issues of piracy which has over the years been hitting the industry big time. Some months ago, the movie marketer added a year and he was celebrated by his associates and fans on social media. Subsequently, the key members of the association gathered at Arena Oshodi, Lagos to specially celebrate the birthday for him.  GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, who was fortunate to be at the complex same day, cornered him for an exclusive interview about the current situation of the industry. He also spoke on so many issues that you need to know about him and the association at large. Excerpts:


 How do you feel marking your birthday today?

In fact, I will say this is my best birthday in the recent time. My birthday is something I am always happy to do but the love shown to me yesterday and today on social media is unprecedented. I am so honoured and that tells me that it is good to be good. I am now in my early 50s.

Your birthday was yesterday and the celebration continued today, what really prompted that?

Today’s celebration was an impromptu. It was organized by my fellow marketers because yesterday was Sunday and we were unable to meet completely. Apart from the fact that I am the chairman of Corporate Pictures and a friend to all of them, I am also the president of our association and that was what informed the continuation of my birthday celebration today.

What are those things you did in your 40s that you believe you can no longer do @50s?

I am now more matured and grateful to the almighty Allah, because each day you grow more older, you get to learn how to do things more properly and you get to know how to give thanks to God all the time because He’s the one giving us the gift of life and I will continue to praise the Almighty Allah.

What is the greatest mistake you have ever made that you want people to learn from?

There is no way in this life that you will not make one mistake or the other, the ability to recognize the fact that you’ve made a mistake and you learn from it is key. So, there is nobody who will tell me that he/she is perfect. There are some steps that one will take and you know that it is wrong and you really learn from it. What I have to say is that, whatever you’ve done wrong, please learn from it. Today, we learn from yesterday’s mistake to correct tomorrow. You just need the ability to recognize your errors.

Away from movie marketing, which other professions are you also into?

I am an accountant; in fact, we were at Planet 1 last Saturday July 1st to celebrate 20 years anniversary of my school. Aside being a marketer, I am into consultancy, I am into lecturing, I am an Author and I diversify into so many areas. You don’t just put all your eggs in one basket or you narrow your opportunity. You need to expand your opportunities so that you will be able to diversify positively to be able to minimize and maximize your returns.

Can you shed more light on the school?

I am a co-owner of the school which was established by 12 of us called 12 Wise Men and it was formed sometimes in 1997. Our first lecture was in June 1997 and we celebrated our 20th anniversary just recently with Gala Night at Planet 1 on July first. It is a school that established for accountants and so many professional examinations, we are into it.

What influenced the idea of establishing the school initially?

Before we set up the school, I was a lecturer and we have to look for best lecturers from each subject and we met together to set up that school. Till this moment, I am still a lecturer.

With your busy schedule, how do you now marry all these professions together?

I think we should give the glory to Almighty God in everything. I have been coping very well in my lectures, movie marketing, consultancy job and so many other things I laid my hands on. Despite the fact that I am a busy person, I still create time for my family.

When you were much younger, did you see yourself in the position you are today?

Nobody can actually predict what will happen tomorrow. When I was younger, I inspired to achieve so many things in life. It is a different story for you to have an ambition and it is a different thing entirely for you to make it work with the help of God. It was never in my dream to become the president of the association of the Yoruba movie marketers.  But people felt that I should be the Chairman because that is the name they call me. They said chairman why can’t you come and lead us. It was not something I planned for but it was designed by God. Some people felt that I was the best to lead the association and they came to me that chairman come and be our president and I said okay. Initially, I said I was not interested but I later realized that if people come for you to lead them, they must have seen something in you and you need to honour them and that was why I accepted the offer. In the history of our association, I am the only one who was appointed to lead unopposed.  That means people really like my character. Without their support and interest, there is no way I will be the president of the association.

How do you respond to the current challenge facing the Yoruba movie marketers especially the online marketing which seems to be a threat to the indigenous marketers?

You see, businesses face its own challenges, and you have to understand one thing I that in the current scenario, technology is fighting us seriously but we are still coping. If you say you wants to catch your pirates from this angle, based on the technology that is involving on a daily bases, you have to keep on searching and we also need the government to also come to assist us by making law against piracy.

What are the plans the association is putting together to conquer this challenge?

It is not something I will like to announce to the public but we are currently working on it seriously. It is really affecting our business and we are working endlessly to ensure that we tackle it out. We have a team working on it and also liaising with the government.

Could that be what really informed the idea of most movie marketers delving into music marketing recently?

You see, we are still talking about our line of business. If I am selling movies and took into music as well, it stills the same business. You can do the 2 together because we are still talking about entertainment. Like now days, we are still planning to go into cinemas, DVD and we also plan to shoot a lot of movies. Some of us are into it seriously and you we see us going into cinemas with a lot of fantastic movies to be premiered. We will show it round the cinemas in the country and abroad.


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