It was Bola Adejobi, the son of late Yoruba movie icon, Baba Oyin Adejobi who first fired the shot. In a recent interview with  GBENGA DAN ASABE he alleged that the popular movie, Ti Oluwa Ni Ile movie, which another living legend Baba Wande wrote and produced was written by his late father.

We got in touch with Baba Wande, who will hold in high esteem, to state his views. He was very, very angry that anyone could allege that he (Baba Wande) did not write a movie that shot him to lime light. Below are the 2 views.t2

There is a story that was trending many years ago that your Dad wrote the famous movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” and that it is the same script Baba Wande. turned into the movie? What really happened?

Yes, it was Baba that wrote “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”, it was my dad that wrote “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”.

Actually, what I knew happened then was that, Baba used to write all his stories in 3 folds. Then, he was a very good typist. He has his own typewriter.  He will put carbon behind the paper, he will produce 3 copies for each story. One will be with him, one will be for rehearsal and the other will be with his manager. All his stories were like that, all his stories we produce them in three. One will be inside his wardrobe as his safe copy. The other for rehearsal and the other one copy will be for his manager. I think it was one of such things that happened to the script of “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”. He gave the script to a manager and the script got into the wrong hand. Even this so called movie “Oduduwa” that was produced years ago, Baba had the complete story. I followed him down to Ile-Ife one day, to go and meet the late Ooni of Ife (Oba Okunade Sijuade—Olubuse II) He said he needed to go and make some enquiries about Oduduwa in order to have a correct story of the Oduduwa legendary. I think then, Rotary Club was planning to sponsor the movie then because he had this proposal with them. I saw the proposal, he sent everything to them but along the line, everything got leaked. When Oduduwa was finally produced he was still alive at the time. When he saw it, Baba felt bad. He became depressed. He was like ‘How manage?’ He was so down. He felt bad.  Then, he was saying “Afi bii Ti Oluwa Nile naa” (It is just like Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’s case). He kept saying it that Oduduwa was equally stolen just like Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.

So, how did he feel when Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was released. Did he challenge the production?

No, no, no. Baba was like that, even if you take something from him, he won’t talk. He won’t say anything, he will just be watching. A lot of people have really hurt him in so many ways. They know that he was very permissive. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t take offence. But inside, he will be feeling bad; there was this day, somebody did something like that, he sent someone to a marketer here in Lagos, it was one of his aides then. He sent him to Lagos to go and collect hundred thousand naira from a marketer. I think the money was for the sale of either Orogun-Adedigba or Ekuro-Oloja, one of the two movies. The aide came back to tell Baba that thieves collected the money on the way. Baba felt so bad and he just called one of my elder brothers to come and wheel him inside. He didn’t utter a word but he was very depressed. He didn’t say ‘Hey, go and punish that man or go and lock him up’. He has never ordered the arrest or prosecution of anybody since I knew him; on the contrary, if Baba hears that anybody is being arrested by the police, he will go down to the station to rescue that person. I don’t know maybe he has an old experience with the police that he didn’t want anyone to share in such experience.  He was like that; Baba never fought those who offended him with police or law enforcement.


Anytime you see Ti Oluwa Ni Ile being played or you see it on the shelf, as Oyin Adejobi’s kid how do you feel?

Every one of us in the family, I mean everybody knows that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” was a story from Baba. There is no member of the larger Oyin Adejobi family that does not know that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” was originally written by Baba Oyin Adejobi. Recently when I was having a discussion with Mama Osogbo, she was shouting on top of her voice and very angry because recently another person tried to re-produce Orogun-Adedigba on CD without the consent of the family. I even have the picture of the banner here with me (shows us on his smart phone. When I saw the banner I took the picture and quickly forwarded it to my elder brother in Ibadan, that I saw OrogunAdedigba poster in Lagos, I was wondering what happened? I even thought they have got across to Baba’s marketer in Ibadan; that is TJ Olaoluwa. But TJ said he was even surprised when he saw it, that he thought maybe it was the family that produced it and we said ‘No, we weren’t aware of it’. so, Mama now called me back that she heard that somebody is trying to produce Orogunadedigba in Lagos and I said “Well, where I saw the banner in Lagos, I asked them, when will the film be out?’ They said the film will soon be out, that they have produced it and it is about to be released. Mama was just soliloquizing that this was how Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was taken from us, that was how Oduduwa was taken. This was how this and that story were taken; She now started reeling out numbers of stories about four to five that has been taken from us and I was asking ‘is that the only five you just mentioned?’. She said “Ah, O po repete eee”, “O poo”. She now mentioned a popular name, that the man is the brain behind the missing stories and I said “Well, God will help us face the recovery battle”.

But when you saw Baba Wande on this poster, what did you do? Did you call Baba Wande?

Well, Mama said she called him but he denied knowing anything about it. He said he was only invited to the (faceless) producers.

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