Prior to the earlier report from star actor, Yomi Fabiyi claiming that veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe is critically ill and he could no longer walk properly. His illness was linked with alleged torture from NDLEA five years ago, and Baba Suwe was said to have debunked the claims.images

However, the actor has issued out another statement which was rebroadcasted by another popular actress, Ronke Oshodi Oke.

According to the statement, “STILL ON BABA SUWE: Duty of care should be our individual and collective national value. I must commend colleagues and Nigerians, thank you for lending your voice, we need it more.

In all honesty, Baba Suwe is critically ill and on no account did I ever demand DONATIONS from the public, please, WE ARE NOT BEGGING FOR DONATIONS. Some mischevious people in the industry or so made him distance himself from me before the honest ones could get him to articulate what I did. Moreso I am not raised to feast on other people’s predicament for self adulation or material gains. Forgiveness is the greatest weapon and trust me, I won’t allow that little twist deter my concern and care for my colleagues. I must thank Yinka Quadri, Gbenga Adewusi, Monsuru Obadina(Fala), Kehinde Adeyemi and so on for their support in this regards. However, without going into exact details, I insist that the treatment and torture done on Baba Suwe during his detention is having adverse effect on his health now. I find NDLEA’s reaction honouring but just a professional response. NDLEA knew what they did to Baba Suwe when they took him to a laboratory on the Island in the middle of the night after the presiding judge threatened to free Baba Suwe if they can’t present a single proof against Baba Suwe in the next hearing. There are other terrible stuffs but I will let the lawyers do the rest.

We will continue to demand JUSTICE for Baba Suwe and we are looking to explore the maximum judicial and civil means until justice is served. The onus is still on NDLEA to do tender a public apology, Baba Suwe’s image has been too battered. He still suffers the physical, emotional and psychological truama. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
I have utmost respect for the idea that established NDLEA and will never oppose diligent operations under the ambit of the law but what I will never support is injustice, torture and abuse of human right in the name of public service. I am challenging NDLEA to the court of conscience before we find all necessary means to return to the Supreme Court. #JUSTICEFORBABASUWE #PUBLICAPOLOGYFORBABASUWE #COMPENSATEBABASUWE #BABASUWEISINNOCENT

Yomi Fabiyi. Pls rebroadcast thanks”.

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