Fast rising Yoruba actor, Abbey Abimbola has just completed work on his new crime movie titled “One Blood” which was shot in Malaysia. It is a story between Nigerian Politicians in charge of power sector and a young man named (Crack) who was interested in avenging on the man who adamantly murdered his parents. FB_IMG_1448609547410In the process, he underwent a lot of challenges which involved him of travelling to Malaysia in respect of looking for the murderer. While in Malaysia, racism, drugs and gangsterism set in between the whites and Asians. How he managed to survive the challenges? Watch out for the movie. One Blood was written, produced and directed by Abbey Abimbola, while his crew members including Ibrahim Saliu, Wanta Kere, Bee Jay were with him at the Location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The flick stars the likes of Geoff Andre, Kay Shan, Badruzaman Azzack, Chan Chi Wai, Joanne Lo, Gnaga mixtone, Ayawan, Muri Thunder, Prabhu Raja, Abbey Abimbola and many more. Here some of the photos taken from the location.FB_IMG_1447612420340 FB_IMG_1447746629209 FB_IMG_1447746653568 FB_IMG_1447746675903 FB_IMG_1447746679393 FB_IMG_1447746686424 FB_IMG_1447746699696 FB_IMG_1447747205311_1 FB_IMG_1448458871075_1 IMG_20151117_1636579U4A57089U4A57249U4A57579U4A57939U4A5795

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