In whatever she does, popular actress cum producer, Sophie Ejiga always mentions her mum’s name. She never fails to attribute the secret of her success to her mum, Mrs. Zainab Mohammed Ejiga.ejiga

She told us a few weeks back that her mum is instrumental to her success. “My mum is extremely supportive and always have my back as long as whatever I do is legitimate. My mum is a mother everyone will ever wish for. She is a devoted Muslim who never discriminates. She takes all her children friends as her own children and treats everyone equally.

Though, she is not educated but she is very intelligent. She is a businesswoman who is extremely intelligent. She has been a big blessing to me.

How did her premiere go? “It was nice. The movie had a lot of reviews after the premiere at LTV 8 people anticipated and really love the story line. It is all encouraging. I believe by the grace of God, it was a hit because it is in line with any other movie that are great”.

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