That star actress, Mide Funmi Martins’ 12 Year old marriage to popular actor,producer cum director, Afeez Abiodun Owo has crashed is no longer something to celebrate as the actress took to her instagram account to confirm the shameful event, where she claimed that Afeez left her and his 2 kids, 2 extended family members and their maid in the house and walked out of the union. By and large, there are a lot of lessons young lovers, especially the ladies need to learn from Mide’ crumbled marriage before they walk down the aisle,as it’s written by

of course, there is nothing bad if a lady gets married at a tender age of her life but it’s dangerous. Mide got married at the stage she was meant to experience youthful fun and wild life by hanging out with friends and all that but her early marriage denied her access to that. It pays to do whatever you want to do with men before marriage because by then, you must have garnered a lot of experiences that will make you understand what they called marriage. Mind you, a bad girl can’t make a good mother no matter how much she tries.

show me your friends and then I will tell you who you are. That is the popular saying that best illustrates this situation in Mide’s marriage. At a point, Mide, we learnt lived her life in a proper way as a responsible wife she is expected to live but all these became history when she started rolling with some certain sets of colleagues in the industry, forgetting that a sheep that hangs out with dogs will eventually eat faeces, according to an African proverb.

it is no longer news that ladies of today marry not because of love but 99% of them marry because of the man’s wealth. But Mide’s case is totally different from that. I will like to state that her union started having crisis since marrying a man who is not as beautiful as she is. Who knows if she had asked herself this questions”why do I want to marry Afeez Owo? Can I cope with him?Can I actually be proud of him in the public? Would men not take advantage of that to crash our marriage? Etc., maybe they will still be together by now.


No matter the situation you find yourself, be contented because you can’t know more than your creator. Your destiny is obviously not the same with that of your best friend.


one of the elements that makes a relationship work is staying true to your partner. Let him be able to confide in you. Above all, stay off infidelity.

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  1. I so much love your view. Correct! Hope ladies can learn through this lovely messages right. I pick from your mssg you pass to all ladies as well. Cheers!

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