Star actress, Mosun Filani has pointed out 23 painful things a reasonable and responsible man shouldn’t do to a lady no matter the circumstance. The damsel, who got married a few years ago, has recently been giving out inspirational messages on social media and the below listed is the latest she shared with her fans. The 23 facts are:filani
1. Don’t Break Her Heart
2. Don’t Pretend You Love Her
3. Don’t Tell Her She Is Ugly
4. Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex
5. Don’t Take Her Love For Granted 6. Don’t Shout On Her
7. Don’t Beat Her
8. Never Cheat On Her
9. Don’t Disrespect Her
10. Don’t Waste Her Time If You Will Not Marry Her
11. Don’t Make Her Break Her Decision Of “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”
12. Don’t Make Her Feel Unloved
13. Don’t Rape Her
14. Never Fail To Say She Is Beautiful
15. Don’t Disgrace Her In The Public
16. Don’t impregnate Her And Deny it 17. Don’t Expose Her Secrets To Your Friends And Family
18. Don’t Lie To Her
19. Don’t Correct Her In The Public
20. Don’t Hate Her Family
21. Don’t Treat Her Like Your Housemaid
22. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
23. Never Destroy Her
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