Home PROFILE 2 Months After CPE Awards, Fans Tear Ibrahim Chatta Apart (Photos)
2 Months After CPE Awards, Fans Tear Ibrahim Chatta Apart (Photos)

2 Months After CPE Awards, Fans Tear Ibrahim Chatta Apart (Photos)



The fans of Yoruba movies have once again rubbished star actor, Ibrahim Chatta over his rejection of an award nomination from a magazine in Nigeria in July.ibrahim-chatta-2

Barely 2 months ago, City People Magazine held its 2016 Entertainment Awards where the actor was nominated in the best actor’s category, but Ibrahim Chatta, who mostly acts Yoruba movies caused a stir on social media because of his “appeal” to his fans NOT to vote for him as the Best Actor in the Awards.

His reason for this was that, “Nigerians’ movie awards are not credible”ibrahim-chatta-600x448

Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:

“Hello fellas, my name is Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta. I’d like to appeal to my friends, fans and folks not to vote for me on d city people’s best actor of d year nomination. PLS DO NOT VOTE FOR ME , as I am not interested and I believe most of d film awards in Nigeria are not credible enough. So I won’t allow anybody or organization rubbish my GOD given talents. Ire ooo”.

Immediately after he posted this, series of controversies started arising. But it is very disheartening to see fans’ comments after the reports were posted on social media platforms.

Bellow are screenshots of some of the fans’ reactions after the report was posted on Bellanaija. Enjoy it:

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